kiryu coco real name
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kiryu coco real name

kiryu coco real name

Once Beat and Neku have destroyed the Dissonance Tapir and return to the RG in Udagawa, Coco shoots Neku in the back and kills him. However, he mentions Hanekoma, whom he still has connections with in Coco's Shibuya.

Hanekoma remarks that he looks sad while they watch, unable to interact. He is also shown to be able to stop objects in mid-air, such as when Minamimoto tries to shoot him. Her character, modeled after an anime styled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was designed by Nenka "Ruinon" Fukahire. Hanekoma later says about Yoshiya to Neku and Beat "If that kid is who I think he is, then he probably doesn't know a thing. The following is all of the Joshua-related items that the player can get in the game: There are several Threads that give bonuses when worn exclusively by Joshua. At the end of the combo, a larger beam comes down on one side and hit all enemies on that side twice. On the final day of the Game, Joshua returns from the parallel universe he had hidden away in, and reveals himself to be the Composer, returning the last bits of Neku's memory to him.
Hololive has issued a three-week suspension to a pair of its virtual talents, Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco, after the two characters referred to Taiwan as an independent state rather than as a territory of China. As with all partners, Joshua's abilities were redesigned into a Partner Pin in Solo Remix. See Joshua Partner Pin for the details. He shot and killed Neku at the CAT mural in Udagawa, however, Neku does not remember these events until the final day. His 7 loved foods, listed in order of their item number, are: Joshua's line eating food he likes with a 150% sync modifier is "Compliments to the chef." The real Joshua appears slightly too late, and shoots Coco, only hitting her in the shoulder, and she manages to escape. Joshua knows Beat through their battles in the second Week; he jokingly states that if Beat is one of Neku's friends, he doesn't want to meet an enemy. Hey! The two are then confronted by Beat soon after, who challenges Joshua in the belief that he can return to his own world with Rhyme if he beats him. Joshua has no meaningful relationship with Shiki or Beat; he paralyzes the both of them at the end of the Game to duel Neku one-on-one for the fate of Shibuya. He also tells them about how they are able to see each other is because of the strong bonds between, using Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme as examples. Portrait. However, two popular VTubers from Japan, Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato have now been banned from Hololive, one of the biggest VTuber communities, following comments made on … As the Composer, it can be inferred Joshua also has several incredibly powerful abilities, such as the ability to move between dimensions and the ability to erase the whole of Shibuya. During Week 2, Joshua partners with Neku in order to protect his Proxy, and forces the pact, something only he has been shown as able to do. Although Kitaniji's relationship could be seen as a form of worship, his love of Shibuya outranks that for Joshua. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Joshua and Mr. H watching Neku and his friends. This revelation following Joshua's supposed sacrifice is a betrayal, another (possibly unintentional) thing Joshua has used to make Neku hate him. It is possible that he resurrected Rhyme from the pin during the third Week, but was unable to return her entry fee, because she had lost the Game. Despite all this, Hanekoma and Joshua are shown to have a close relationship. In the end, Neku doesn't take the shot, and Joshua shoots him for a second time. Joshua mentions being "a shio guy, myself" in unavoidable dialogue on Week 2, Day 3, hinting to the fact Shio Ramen is one of his favourite foods. The goal is to get the combo numbers less than, greater than or equal to the number at the top, depending on the symbol in the corner of the top numbers.

When he arrives at the Shibuya River, he finds that Neku had defeated Kitaniji and reveals his identity of Composer to Neku. His power in relation to an Angel's is not fully understood, though it is clear that Angels have a higher Vibe than he. On Sora and Riku's return trips to Traverse Town, Joshua coordinates between them in order to help Neku and the others defeat the Spellican. It is implied that he has a similar position or powers to "main" Joshua, as evidenced by his remarks and knowledge. Thus, when Joshua sacrifices himself at the end of the day, Neku is consumed with guilt and views him as a martyr for protecting him from Minamimoto's final attack. Joshua raises further suspicions when he reveals that he has been watching Neku, and that he is participating in the Game voluntarily. Because of his high amount of Imagination, only the Composer retains the ability to reincarnate Players at the end of a Game. After Sora defeats the Hockomonkey in the Fifth District, Joshua appears before him and explains that he and Riku are in two separate versions of Traverse Town, as Sora sees an illusion of Riku and the unknown figure in the black coat. It is implied Hanekoma eventually finds him and brings him back to the Underground, most likely after letting Neku play a "game" with him: Final Time Attack. At this point, Neku reads another thought from Joshua which implies Joshua never killed Neku. 45.7k members in the VirtualYoutubers community. Meanwhile, Joshua regularly nags Neku to visit Hanekoma's coffee shop to receive items and upgrades for their phones. Kiryu Coco A child dragon (3,500 years old is young in dragon years) who is fond of human culture. Joshua shoots at Minamimoto, barely missing. Riku sees a similar image of Joshua, Sora, and Rhyme after he defeats his side's version of the Hockomonkey. Joshua's third level Fusion is the only one in which Neku speaks first before attacking. Cookies help us deliver our Services. One upgrade allows them to detect Kitaniji's Imagination, and another upgrade provides the phone cameras with inter-temporal picture recording capabilities. Having won the bet with Kitaniji, Joshua is free to destroy Shibuya, but instead wagers a game with Neku: both wielding a revolver, whoever shot each other first would decide the fate of Shibuya by becoming the Composer. However, the two bond over their mutual hate of humanity, prefering to shut others out rather than risk getting hurt. Joshua makes and receives calls on his phone, which had proved impossible for Neku and company in the last week. I've been seeing this name pop up in several Hololive related places, so I just gotta ask. If he's who YOU think he is, then he probably won't say a thing. This is one of the only in-game clues on foods characters enjoy, the other two being Neku asking for "a plain old shoyu" in Week 2, Day 3 or Beat's memorial in Miyashita Park Underpass having a can of Cola. Joshua shields Neku from the nuke, pretending to sacrifice himself. Sho, however, is quite pleased that Joshua is a Player in his game, and believes that he may have a chance against the handicapped Composer, especially given his expertise of Taboo Noise, though this ultimately fails.
Yoshiya Kiryu (桐生 義弥 Kiryū Yoshiya), nicknamed Joshua (ヨシュア Yoshua), is Neku's second partner in the Reapers' Game. Joshua mentions "that girl" in reference to Hype-chan is responsible for the precognitive visions Neku has, and with Coco's interference for some unknown plan of hers, he refers to these events as "the calm before the storm."

She traveled from another universe to ours, just to study Japanese in a random language school. Neku, still struggling to open up to others, is easily annoyed and frustrated by these antics. Hanekoma says that Shinjuku has been erased and Noise are beginning to appear in the RG. Neku is also the only one of the people Joshua knows by this point who chooses to value him more than Shibuya (Kitaniji instigated the Long Game rather than take a look at the deeper issues; Hanekoma gave Minamimoto Taboo Noise and helped assist him in his failed coup). While on the ground, as you progress through his combos he will target enemies. He would often visit Hanekoma to learn more about the Reaper's Game.

Kazuma Kiryu (桐生 一馬, Kiryū Kazuma) is the former main protagonist of the Yakuza series from the first Yakuza up until Yakuza 6. Hanekoma reveals that Joshua had been alone most of his life without many friends. At the end of Joshua's combos, there is a number. He is not bound by the rules of the Game, seeing how the Game is played in the UG, but he had lowered his Vibe in order to suppress himself, as well as change his appearance. Because Joshua has watched his misanthropic Proxy grow and change. Towards the end of the Week, an attack by Taboo Noise forces Joshua to reveal a greater portion of his powers. The two gain the upper hand and defeat Minamimoto, therefore winning the Game. Only started following Hololive just recently. Joshua is extremely intelligent, boasting a refined taste in addition to vast knowledge of both the RG and the UG. Joshua finally drops a Player pin on Neku which accounts for Neku's second player pin (in addition to the one he received for playing the Reaper's Game). Beat has low regard for him, referring to him as "that prissy kid [Neku] was partnered with.". That number goes up to the number at the top that the arrow is pointing to. He slowly comes to the belief Joshua is the one who killed him, confronting him about this on Day 5. Later, while being chased through the RG by Sho Minamimoto, Joshua and Minamimoto end up in the Udagawa Back Streets, where Neku Sakuraba is admiring one of CAT's murals. He is integrated by Kitaniji along with Shiki and Beat, and Neku is forced to defeat Kitaniji once and for all. History Talk (0) Comments Share. This trust, this belief and value in Josh, is what kept him from destroying Shibuya. This leads Joshua to warn Riku to be on his guard as either version could be a trap.

The English translation of, Oddly enough, Joshua is the only Player among the. In Another Day, Joshua is much more overtly flirtatious with Neku, and acts less abrasive to him as well. One of the cuter intros I've seen in a while. Neku runs past Joshua as he is fleeing the Noise on the first day. Joshua is extremely intelligent, boasting a refined taste in addition to vast knowledge of both the RG and the UG. Some of Joshua's dialogue in Week 2, Day 5 resembles suicide ideation, implying Joshua may have taken his life as a human.[1][2]. Kariya believes that Joshua is an illegal entry after observing him, and confirms his extra power by baiting him into a situation where he would need to use those powers, though he incorrectly assumes that Joshua is alive. Joshua rarely gets truly worked up about anything, usually faking it even when he appears to be exerting effort. In the middle of being questioned by Beat and Neku about the "Expert Mode" Reapers' Game they're in, Yoshiya runs off into the Shibuya River to escape their harrowing interrogation. Joshua has the least hates with 3, shares with Shiki for most dislikes with 8, ties with Shiki for most likes with 13, and shares with Neku the least loves with 7. He feels that Shibuya is filled with shallow, unchanging people, and states on several occasions that he would rather not interact with others at all. When Joshua meets Riku in the Third District of Traverse Town, he tells him of the goings-on in town while offering his assistance. Players or Pin holders, implying that Joshua does not have a Player Pin. Edit. His goal was to Erase Shibuya's UG, which he viewed as infected and incapable of growth and change, while Kitaniji aimed to prove it was worthy of saving. This attitude changes a bit over the course of the game. Joshua gains a single fusion star when reaching a card at the end of the combo tree that fulfills the condition of his card. In A New Day, a chapter exclusive to The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Joshua's illusion appears in Coco's Shibuya as a timid, anxious boy who speaks with a stutter and goes by the name Yoshiya. When progressing through his combos, each button press causes a beam to attack an enemy.

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