virginia squires best players
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virginia squires best players

virginia squires best players

In the beginning, they were talented contenders. Savoy was later captured without incident. The game itself really isn't the story so much as the reason why the game was played. I was in awe of the players and their fantastic moves. The last two Squire teams were badly hurt by injuries and came up with back-to-back 15 and 69 seasons. Walker was a fierce offensive player that could light it up in a huge variety of ways, averaging 16.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game to go along with 1.1 steals on 46% from the floor on an era where the three-pointer wasn’t a factor, playing for the Pistons, Rockets and Kansas City Kings. We wondered what he could do in the NBA. No one ever dunked like Dr. J until Michael Jordan came around.

Regular-season stats/game: 25.2 PTS, 12.9/ REB, 3.5 AST, 2.2* STL, 0.6* BLK.
Or out of bounds for a turnover. Teams: Oakland Oaks/Washington Capitols, New York Nets, Regular-season stats/game: 30.5 PTS, 7.5 REB, 4.1 AST, N/A, N/A, All-Star Games: 4 (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972). Bottom line: Was there a more apt nickname than "The Horse" for a working stiff who averaged 23 points and 10 rebounds per game in all but one season and raised thoroughbreds in this spare time? From finger rolls to bank shots and midrange jumpers, no one had more tricks in his bag than George Gervin. The Dallas Chaps hosted Virginia on March 20, 1973. Regular-season stats/game: 23.8 PTS, 10.8 REB, 1.7 AST, 0.9* STL, 0.7* BLK, All-Star Games: 6 (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976). Billy Paultz owns the unofficial league record for most lead-footed rebounds and blocked shots in league history. Jul 22, 2017 - Explore Mike Duke's board "The Virginia Squires....." on Pinterest. Bottom line: The 6-foot-2, 200-pounder could bully guards, out-quick small forwards and was cocky (or was it crazy?) But then Charlie jumped to the NBA Phoenix Suns. We went to the Richmond Coliseum to see the Squires play the Denver Rockets on October 26, 1972. Virginia Squires Players. Each player a coach or admin pays for is a separate transaction, which could max out the daily limit. Johnny Newman was an instant offensive spark off the bench no matter where he played, and he could torch opposing defenders with great ease as a guard / forward, constantly being in the Sixth Man of the Year considerations despite never actually taking home the accolade.

Early that season, Dr. J returned to Virginia with the Nets and we went to the game.

Mel Bennett.

It's just a shame the Squires could never be run as a first class organization. ", MEMORIES OF GENE SMITH: "I was a big Squires fan. I just couldn't step up. Over the course of history, this state has provided some top-tier athletes that have taken both the ABA and the NBA for assault, leaving their blueprint in the history of this game we all love and cherish so much. Bottom line: The 6-foot-11, 245-pounder possessed one of the flattest outside shots ever, but darn if it didn’t go in a lot of the time. Defenses had no choice but to guard him away from the bucket, which loosened the inside for others. The player is still not verified and did not enter the date of birth of grade in the profile yet. ", MEMORIES OF HARVEY LIPSKY: "The only ABA vs. NBA exhibition game I ever saw was the Virginia Squires vs. Buffalo Braves game played in Buffalo on September 22, 1972. The player’s age and or grade does not meet the division’s eligibility requirements set up by the event your team is entering. The Squires leave behind a lot of memories: Mike "Birdman" Barrett, all arms and legs, scrambling for a loose ball; Norfolk fans cheering their new team at the Old Dominion University fieldhouse while the Squires' shiny new home, Norfolk Scope, was receiving its finishing touches; "Dr. J" as a rookie, confounding the Floridians one night by taking off from the free throw line and slam-dunking the multi-colored ball; the guy dressed in Colonial attire, complete with powdered wig, mingling with the fans during halftime; red muttonchopped Neil Johnson crashing into a Detroit Piston in retaliation for the roughing up of a teammate; "Red" Kerr meeting the fans at the Richmond Coliseum tying to build up local support for the Norfolk-based team; the Virginia front office touting the team as "Built for Speed" after Julius Erving jumped to the Atlanta Hawks; the beautiful grounds around the Hampton Roads Coliseum and the building itself, looking at night like a multi-colored cupcake cup; and a disgusted Willie Wise, grimacing as the Squires fell further and further behind (as an ex-Utah Star, Wise wasn't used to lackadaisical play by his team). We featured Charlie Scott from North Carolina, Fatty Taylor from LaSalle, Ray Scott from the NBA Baltimore Bullets, and Jim Eakins from BYU. Knowing that the man must have been tired after signing all those autographs (and let's not forget, losing to the cellar-dweller Virginia Squires), I didn't expect what came next. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Virginia Squires at the Discogs Marketplace. Bottom line: As physical freaks went, the 6-foot-8, 235-pounder broke the mold long before LeBron James was even a thought. He was giving everyone an autograph who wanted one. I grabbed my program (still have it!) Teams: Indiana Virginia Squires, Utah Stars, Regular-season stats/game: 19.9 PTS, 3.1 REB, 5.8 AST, 1.7* STL, 0.1* BLK, All-Star Games: 5 (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975).

I'll never forget the first time he touched the ball in warm ups. Squires traded Barry to the New York Nets for a draft pick and $200,000. I remember his huge hand, grasping the pen I was holding, and signing the front, "Julius Dr. J Erving". Instead, Porter was "traded" to the Chicago Bulls after he had signed contracts with both teams.
Through his career, the point guard averaged almost 9 points and 4 dimes. Through 15 seasons, Newman played for the Cavs, Knicks, Hornets, Nets, Bucks, Nuggets, and Dallas Mavericks, averaging 11 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game with 0.9 steals in 46% shooting and over 33% from three-point territory. Basketball Leagues Basketball Players Basketball Association Major League Aba All Star Old School Superstar Virginia. Bottom line: The 6-foot point guard was quicker than a waterbug and tougher than a fast-food steak. But in the last year of the ABA's existence, they did give us fans a little excitement. He averaged 21.8 points in four Game 7s, three of them victories. While known primarily for his offense, Louie Dampier brought it at the other end as well, as evidenced by the 46 blocked shots in his final season. The Kentucky product was the only player to spend all nine ABA seasons with the same team. His midrange game featured an array of leaners, turnarounds and off-balance shots that resulted in an inordinate number of of two-shot fouls and and-ones. Ticky Burden, Virginia Squires. Teams: New Orleans Buccaneers, Utah Stars, San Diego Conquistadors, Kentucky Colonels, Virginia Squires. Chopper taped my ankle so well, I forgot I was injured. I am not sure what tickets cost, but I am sure they were $10 or less as we college students didn't have much money, and what we had we kept to spend on beer. Bottom line: While teammates John Williamson and Julius Erving hogged the headlines, the Princeton product served as the glue guy, an efficient ball distributer-shot-maker at one end, a two-time All-Defense team selection at the other.

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