terence from a country practice
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terence from a country practice

terence from a country practice

Cookie gets the job but spends most of his time ducked down behind the bar so his friends won't see him in his new uniform. Coincidentally, both Dennis Miller (77-78) and Tony Blackett (107-108) appeared in episodes with Beth Buchanan, Simone's younger sister. 1 Episode, Grant Dodwell When Vicky calls in at the Herbert farm to examine the bird, she discovers evidence of Clarrie's bird smuggling operation and informs Frank who is successful in stopping the scheme and getting a full confession out of Clarrie. 2BR's Talk-back radio host Barbara Bolton, a fiercely independent single mother (by choice, she sees no need for a man in her life), brings her daughter Meredith to see Simon about her headaches. At Molly's suggestion, Judy advertises for a flatmate.

After fourteen years in "business," Roger throws bookie Shorty Price out of his office in the pub's bathroom.

Episodes 195-196 Arnold is the homeless man who has been living in the house for the past few years slowly drinking his way through the wine cellar and scaring off unsuspecting visitors by pretending to be a ghost. Terence eases Frank's concerns about his virility following his operation. Simon and Vicky stand firm in their refusal to accept his parents loan but agree to leave the door open should they ever need it in the future. Maggie is very upset at Bob for his involvement — despite the fact that he slept through most of it. Brendan is very distant and cold towards Molly, when he brings her home from the hospital he avoids so much as touching her and keeps Chloe away from her. Greg Peters and Gary. In response to an application he submitted prior to coming to Wandin Valley, Simon receives a job offer from the Department of Tropical Medicine at the University of Sydney. Note: a fortunate combination of guest stars see two future Blue Heelers stars together early in their careers, Episodes 219-220


Swift has set up practice in town but Terence tells him there is not much they can do about it. Directed by Graham Rouse. Hoping to help things along, Molly invites Simon and Vicky over for a dinner of oysters, parsley and steak. From uniforms starched to a point where they can literally stand on their own, to having all her meals prepared for her, Maggie has finally had enough of living with Esme and wants out. Realising she's been discovered, Heather slashes her arm with a broken glass. It is agreed that the money raised to send Mark to Sydney should be used by Bernie to fund a swimming programme for asthmatic children. Bob and Cookie are finally convinced when Melvin buys a metal detector and locates the bomb in the club's foundation. Shirley will be gone for three weeks but Frank will return in a few days when his leave ends.

As morning dawns, Bob arrives at the club to help Cookie clean up from the previous night, while Terence is wakened up with a bugle call as Lily comes bearing breakfast.

After seeing Dr. Elliot, Vicky tells Simon that she in not pregnant, just suffering from the effects of a virus. Episodes 213-214

Brad runs to the Jones farm for help and gets Brendan. When forced to make do with the old system, both Judy and a patient are burned.

Hearing of Lee's strange behaviour from Robbie, Terence asks her to come to the clinic for tests. Molly Jones Simon is skeptical about Oliver's alleged land deal in which he's supposedly looking for property on behalf of a friend, but a phone call arrives from the UK which finalises the deal.

", Episodes 203-204 Chilla agrees to go with Ros to Queensland after Maurie's estate is auctioned off, and before leaving, Ros gives Molly her $400 back. While Brendan is in hospital with cracked ribs, he and Molly learn from Sandy that drugging horses is a common practice and was the reason he ran away with one of Eric Flynn's horses. Meanwhile, strange ghostly noises have roused Molly from her sleep in the old house and after waking Simon and Vicky, it is suggested a seance be performed.

Directed by Peter Maxwell. Dinny takes the news hard and decides to leave town to continue her search for work.

Terence has no trouble removing the pin but Simon can't help but feel guilty for what happened. Bob warns Roger to stay away from Maggie, telling him that she's "spoken for."

Molly's printing press breaks down and blows up delaying her first issue. Maisie Davis, an eccentric old lady who collects and looks after the town's stray dogs, upsets her new neighbour who complains to Arnold Hodgekiss to do something about her dogs. Terence is away at his vineyard, Muldoon will be in traction for three months recovering. The last update of the cricket match had Australia at 1 for 84 chasing the West Indies' innings of 198 all out. The hospital's hot water system needs to be replaced but the hospital board, headed by Arnold Hodgekiss, will not provide the funding. When the big moment comes, Arnold arrives in his black 1954 Cadillac Eldorado while Molly rides up on horseback, dressed in full army attire, to deftly and defiantly slice the ceremonial ribbon with her sword. A man nicknamed Peewee, in town on vacation, comes into the clinic seeking attention for an injured finger and ends up in hospital where he has minor surgery to fix a severed tendon. Terence is quite angry after they drive through his vineyard and he orders them off his land. Episodes 205-206

Emily tells Molly her life story and Molly records it all, resulting in the following story: Unhappy with that ending, Molly rewrites history and reunites Emily and Dingo Donnelly five years later when he's released from prison (at this time, Harold and Polly are married with three children, Trooper Roebuck and Rosie are together, and Doctor Heath is sober). For the first time, Reggie seems at ease and is enjoying himself, talking with people and playing some cricket.

Written by Michael Aitkens (243) and Hugh Stuckey (242)

Simon, Judy and Shirley are called in to assist in the operation in which Terence, despite being a bit cranky, is able to remove Peter's damaged kidney. Clifford Hallett as Motel Owner.

Brendan rounds up their friends to help in the harvest (even Simon helps out despite his delicate "surgeon's hands") but one question keeps being raised — are the potatoes too big? Meanwhile, Peter's condition has quickly deteriorated forcing Tim to rush him to hospital.

Norma Wallace has a mild stroke during Katrina Walsh's exercise class prompting Simon and Brendan to confront Katrina about her lack of training and failing to adjust her classes to her participants ages and fitness levels. Gabe phones Frank and Shirley and tells them she's interested in becoming a hairdresser.

Brendan discovers Dinny's lack of qualifications and is forced to fire her. Frank surprises Shirley with a ticket to India but knowing she won't go if Vicky and Simon's marriage is in trouble, asks them to confirm for her that they are indeed okay. As a screnwriter, he is sometimes credited as "John Hanlon". As a witness to an apparent murder, Esme is in a frantic state, fearing for her own safety, and is quick to call Frank when she sees Bruce return home later that day. Having turned down offers by the Jones and then Bob, Maggie is prepared to resume living with Esme when Esme lists off some of Maggie's faults (snoring!)

Maggie and Bob are obviously disappointed but Cookie, who bet $200 of the club's money, takes it the hardest.

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Matron Sloan, Wendy Strehlow as Sister Judy Loveday, Emily Nicol as Chloe Jones, Peter Sumner as Kenrich Murray, Norman Robinson as Bobby Price, Beatrice Aston as Mrs. Price. Shirley is concerned for the welfare of his granddaughter Becky who attends school irregularly and often helps him in the mines. Lorenzo lives with his mother Rosa who works at home as a seamstress for a clothing factory in Burrigan. Directed by Russell Webb. Molly finally takes matters into her own hands and shaves off Brendan's moustache while he sleeps — but only get's half done before he's called back to the hospital. Soon after being checked out of hospital, Heather returns coughing up blood. Episodes 215-216 By the time Terence takes Owen home from the hospital, Anthea is starting to cope with her fears and asks Terence for the referral he offered earlier. Jim is unhappy his wife has brought Jamie into their home. Brendan's birthday is approaching and Molly hopes to surprise him by buying him a horse, but her meagre $400 savings is a sizable obstacle. Molly solves her rooster dilemma by giving Eric to the school to raffle off.

Directed by Russell Webb. Episodes 235-236

Capping off the event is Cookie's comedy performance which earns him the top prize of two tickets on a Pacific cruise. Maggie has a frank talk to Bob about their relationship, reiterating that they are only friends, no more. Written by Anne Brooksbank (223) and Sheila Sibley (224) Responding to shouting from inside the Butler home, Vicky enters to learn Frank has found Mrs. Butler — alive and well, but suffering from extreme agoraphobia. Don Pascoe as Father McBride.

Terence enters the mine, which is rapidly filling with water, and must amputate Lachie's crushed arm to free him. Maggie is getting desperate for accommodations but emphatically turns down Judy's suggestion that she move in with Bob and Cookie — although the prospect of regular poker games piques her interest momentarily. Chilla isn't able to help Molly find a horse as the Henkle horses are priced well beyond what her budget allows. [5]tle=, Porteous has performed in many stage plays[6], among them Hamlet, Death of a Salesman (1970), the Sydney Theatre Company's production of King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.

While Frank stays within running distance of the railing after refusing Simon's offer of sea-sickness pills, Cookie, posing as a wealthy hotel owner, befriends a woman travelling alone. Swift is soon put out of business when he is charged with fraud for the "misappropriation of health fund monies." Molly is back pursuing her story on industrial development, but now, at Brendan's suggestion, she's searching out facts and documentation to back up her allegations of council corruption. Melvin Ryan, an American who was stationed at a US Army base at Wandin Valley during World War II, returns to town and looks up Esme whom he met when she entertained the troops in 1944. Brendan and Molly accompany the house hunters on a late afternoon trip to see a prospective home but they become stranded in the thunderstorm when the FJ Holden won't start. A Country Practice. The community at large is not happy having these three and their friends loitering about town.

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