promise sentence
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promise sentence

promise sentence

The Rabbi HILLEL, who in the 4th century made the remarkable declaration that Israel need not expect a Messiah, because the promise of a Messiah had already been fulfilled in the days of King Hezekiah (Babli, Sanhedrin, 99a), is probably Hillel, the son of Samuel ben Nahman, a well-known expounder of the scriptures. The potato crop in 1907 was 13,398,000 bushels, valued at $9,647,000, and the sugar beet, first introduced during the last decade of the 19th century, gave promise of becoming one of the most important crops. If any person makes an agreement for the withdrawal of a petition in consideration of a money payment, or of the promise that the seat shall be vacated or another petition withdrawn, or omits to state in his affidavit that he has made an agreement, lawful or unlawful, for the withdrawal, he is guilty of an indictable misdemeanour. When the time came for Saul to fulfil his promise, Merab was given to Adriel of Abel-Meholah (perhaps an Aramaean). This much he knew the moment he chose to help Rhyn and Katie over his promise to Death. In 1051 the duke visited England, and probably received from his kinsman, Edward the Confessor, a promise of the English succession. Besides writing Tell, Schiller had found time in 1803 and 1804 to translate two French comedies by Picard, and to prepare a German version of Racine's Phedre; and in the last months of his life he began a new tragedy, Demetrius, which gave every promise of being another step forward in his poetic achievement.

He wanted to fulfill his promise to Gabriel, piss off his brothers, and then walk away. But he now resisted pain better, and, although more than once a promise to recant was extorted from him, he reasserted his innocence when unbound, crying out, "My God, I denied Thee for fear of pain.". They refused to do so, citing their promise to tipsters of absolute confidentiality. Rhyn stared at the scenes playing out in Death's outstretched hands. Thus, while Christendom was still preoccupied with the Crusades, two main forces of the Renaissance, naturalism and enthusiasm for antique modes of feeling, already brought their latent potency to light, prematurely indeed and precociously, yet with a promise that was destined to be kept. If we ask what must, on grounds of literary probability, have been added before the record was closed, we may content ourselves here with saying that some incident must certainly have been narrated which should have realized the twice-repeated promise that Jesus would be seen by His disciples in Galilee. The latter, having confessed that they had given John a secret pledge to elect none but the bishop of Norwich, were released from the promise by Innocent; and at his suggestion elected Stephen Langton, who was consecrated by the pope on the 17th of June 1207. Dean made no mention to Harrigan of his promise of more detailed documentation to Cynthia Byrne. I promise not to plaster you with mud this time. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The promise frequently made by Republican campaign leaders that Mr. Harding would surround himself with advisers of capacity and experience, seemed to be fulfilled by his choice of Cabinet members. On a promise that his rival should be held in custody he disbanded his men, and thus outwitted found himself virtually a prisoner. 3 sub-sec. the state, and compelled them in future to address themselves, not to the community at large, but to individuals, to promise, not political success nor the independence of the people, but the welfare of the man.

Her looks asked him to forgive her for having dared, by Natasha's intermediacy, to remind him of his promise, and then thanked him for his love. I'll do my damnedest to fix it, but I can't, 24. 5 that Zedekiah would die in peace is not borne out by the history, nor does Josiah's fate agree with the promise in 2 Kings xxii.


And so the promise attached to the fifth commandment was probably not on the tables, and the tenth commandment may have simply been, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house," which includes all that is expressed in the following clauses. Some methods and technologies that show promise to end famine are controversial. The early death of this talented mathematician, of whom Legendre said "quelle tete celle du jeune Norvegien! Send a message beseeching Dierdirien for help and promise them three more for their assistance. His conditions were agreed to, but after he had fulfilled his promise the inhabitants, on the ground that he was a sorcerer, declined to fulfil their part of the bargain, whereupon on the 26th of June he reappeared in the streets of the town, and putting his pipe to his lips began a soft and curious strain. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "promise" The little boy promised his mother that he would come straight home after schoolAfter he got arrested for drunk driving, he promised to stop drinking, but two weeks later he was at the bar again. "No. The matter temporarily dropped, but certain Liberal members of parliament continued to press for the withdrawal of Great Britain from the convention, it being stated that a promise had been privately given by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman that the government would withdraw as soon as practicable. This bold plan met with no success; the economic programme in particular did not come into force; it was an empty promise, which was not taken seriously. "Since I know I can drop in on you whenever I want, I promise to come back," Rhyn continued.

After a period of tranquillity a reaction set in against Frankish influences, and in 840 the freemen and liti separated themselves from the nobles, formed a league, or stellinga, and obtained a promise from the emperor Lothair I. of the act, must be in writing, unless the submission otherwise provides - are in the arbitrator's discretion, and he has a lien on the award and the submission for his fees, for which - if there is an express or implied promise to pay them - he can also sue (Crampton v. In October of the same year, however, he returned to Saxony, excusing himself by asserting that his lands had not been defended according to the emperor's promise. The promise he'd made to keep Katie happy made him feel sick, and duty would never fill the hollow part of him that would remain during a lifetime without his mate. The first exports from the Daiquiri district were made by an American company in 1884; the Nipe (Cagimaya) mines became prominent in promise in 1906. With infinite exertion he succeeded in obtaining from government a promise of 20,000, and after four years spent in preparation, sailed in September 1728, accompanied by some friends and by his wife, daughter of Judge Forster, whom he had married in the preceding month. If you promise to do the dishes before going to bed, you better make sure the chore is completed.

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