praise of folly full text
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praise of folly full text

praise of folly full text

And these persons are not only great in their own eyes, but highly esteemed and respected by others, especially those of the order of mendicants, whom none dare to offer any affront to, because as confessors they are intrusted with all the secrets of particular intrigues, which they are bound by oath not to discover; yet many times, when they are almost drunk, they cannot For otherwise their whitish hair, their want of teeth, their smallness of stature, their milk diet, their bald crowns, their prattling, their playing, their short memory, their heedlessness,

And the like in theirsubtlety in judging; for who would think he were no Christian that shouldsay these two speeches "matula putes" and "matula putet," or "ollaefervere" and "ollam fervere" were not both good Latin, unless theirwisdoms had taught us the contrary? Edition: current; Page: [176] In likemanner, in the Eucharist, though, say they, it is not to be esteemed theless that 'tis administered with ceremonies, yet of itself 'tis of littleeffect, if not hurtful, unless that which is spiritual be added to it, towit, that which is represented under those visible signs. When they recite some of their frothy, bombast verses, if any happen to admire them, they are presently flushed with the least hint of commendation, and devoutly thank Pythagoras for his grateful hypothesis, whereby they are now become actuated with a descent of Virgil’s poetic soul. nay, the least corn of that salt which Christ speaks of: so muchwealth, so much honor, so much riches, so many victories, so manyoffices, so many dispensations, so much tribute, so many pardons; suchhorses, such mules, such guards, and so much pleasure would it lose them.You see how much I have comprehended in a little: instead of which itwould bring in watchings, fastings, tears, prayers, sermons, goodendeavors, sighs, and a thousand the like troublesome exercises. The Praise of Folly study guide contains a biography of Desiderius Erasmus, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. For if they weigh it right, they needs must acknowledge thatthey owe it to folly that they are more fortunate than men. whatcommendations! But perhaps there will not be wanting somewranglers that may cavil and charge me, partly that these toys arelighter than may become a divine, and partly more biting than may beseemthe modesty of a Christian, and consequently exclaim that I resemble theancient comedy, or another Lucian, and snarl at everything. who had delivered the church fromsuch mists of error, which yet no one ever met with, had they not comeout with some university seal for it? or the more unpracticable tenets of Socrates? It is narrated by Folly herself; she stands before a crowd of listeners wearing the costume of a fool and announces her intention that she plans to extol her own virtues and merits.

But who are they that for no other reason but that they wereweary of life have hastened their own fate? and all sorts of debaucheries, shall all be, as it were, struck a bargain for, and such a contract made, as if they had paid off all arrears, and might now begin upon a new score. In all which they drive at nothing more than to become beaststhemselves, while yet they imagine they live the life of princes. Well then, they argue subtlely, ’tis true; but as Socrates in Plato makes two Venuses and two Cupids, and shews how their actions and properties ought not to be confounded; so these disputants, if they had not been mad themselves, should have distinguished between a double madness in what maggot (say you) put this in your head? To saynothing of those evils one man brings upon another, as poverty,imprisonment, infamy, dishonesty, racks, snares, treachery, reproaches,actions, deceits--but I'm got into as endless a work as numbering thesands--for what offenses mankind have deserved these things, or whatangry god compelled them to be born into such miseries is not my presentbusiness. And now you shall hear from me a plain extemporary speech, butso much the truer. And when they come to an engagement, what service can be done by such pale-faced students, as by drudging at the oars of wisdom, have spent all their strength and activity? Hay 0 reseñas y 0 calificaciones de clientes de México. All thesehang up their tablets, but no one gives thanks for his recovery fromfolly; so sweet a thing it is not to be wise, that on the contrary menrather pray against anything than folly.

Edition: current; Page: [3] When they have run down their game, what strange pleasure they take in cutting of it up! But 'tis a sad thing, they say, to be mistaken. And now for some reflections upon popes, cardinals, and bishops, who in pomp and splendour have almost equalled if not outgone secular princes. Now I cannot imagine what one degree of men would be more hopelessly wretched, if I did not stand their friend, and buoy them up in that lake of misery, which by the engagements of a holy vow they have voluntarily immerged themselves in. by which you see, he thought it not enough to havelearned wisdom without he had added the knowledge of me also. Prodigious fops, I’ll swear, which can’t agree. Which by way of farther proof I shall insist upon, partly, that I may not be thought to have said more in my own behalf than what will be justified by others; and partly, that the lawyers may not check me for citing no precedents nor allegations.

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Edition: current; Page: [viii] Nor indeed can there be any creditable acquirement of ourselves in any one station of life, but we should sink without rescue into misery and despair, if we were not buoyed up and supported by self-love, which is but the elder sister (as it were) of Folly, and her own constant friend and assistant. For whereas all men detest themto that height, that they take it for ill luck to meet one of them bychance, yet such is their happiness that they flatter themselves. But there is no doubt but that that kind of men are wholly ours who loveto hear or tell feigned miracles and strange lies and are never weary ofany tale, though never so long, so it be of ghosts, spirits, goblins,devils, or the like; which the further they are from truth, the morereadily they are believed and the more do they tickle their itching ears.And these serve not only to pass away time but bring profit, especiallyto mass priests and pardoners. ’Mong th’ fatted swine of Epicurus’s sty. What made him the instrument of his own death, but only his excessiveness of wisdom? For if it be happiness to please princes and to be conversant amongthose golden and diamond gods, what is more unprofitable than wisdom, orwhat is it these kind of men have, may more justly be censured? Edition: current; Page: [10]

But there are some, you'll say, and those too none of the youngest, thathave a greater kindness for the pot than the petticoat and place theirchiefest pleasure in good fellowship. download 1 file . Nor have I, after the example of Juvenal,raked up that forgotten sink of filth and ribaldry, but laid before youthings rather ridiculous than dishonest. Nor would he heal those breaches our sins had made by any other method than by the foolishness of the cross, published by the ignorant and unlearned apostles, to whom he frequently recommends the excellence of Folly, cautioning them against the infectiousness of wisdom, by the several examples he proposes them to imitate, such as children, lilies, sparrows, mustard, and such like beings, which are either wholly inanimate, or at least devoid of reason and ingenuity, guided by no other conduct than that of instinct, without care, trouble, or contrivance. I know one of my name that gave hisnew married wife some counterfeit jewels, and as he was a pleasant droll,persuaded her that they were not only right but of an inestimable price;and what difference, I pray, to her, that was as well pleased andcontented with glass and kept it as warily as if it had been a treasure?In the meantime the husband saved his money and had this advantage of herfolly, that he obliged her as much as if he had bought them at a greatrate.
Contents Praise of Folly 1 Pope Julius Barred from Heaven 117 Epigram against Pope Julius II 165 Nine Adages 169 Notes 181 Extra Material 245 Erasmus’s Times 247 Erasmus’s Life 250 Erasmus’s Achievements and Works 263 Notes on Extra Material 284 Translator’s Note 285 … Edition: current; Page: [194] All their riches, all their honour, their jurisdictions, their Peter’s patrimony, their offices, their dispensations, their licences, their indulgences, their long train and attendants (see in how short a compass I have abbreviated all their marketing of religion); in a word, all their perquisites would be forfeited and Sometime again they take up the cudgels, and challenge out an antagonist, and so get a name It enticeschildren to take their learning, makes old men frolic, and, under thecolor of praise, does without offense both tell princes their faults andshow them the way to amend them.

Farther, what does the son of Sirach mean when he saith in Ecclesiasticus, that the Fool is changed as the moon, while the Wise man is fixed as the sun, than only to hint out the folly of all mankind; and that the name of wise is due to no other but the all-wise God? That other, which sits hum-drum, as if she were half asleep, is called Forgetfulness. Or ifseeing an ugly, ill-pointed piece, he should admire the work as believingit some great master's hand, were he not much happier, think you, thanthey that buy such things at vast rates, and yet perhaps reap lesspleasure from them than the other? They think truth isinconsistent with flattery, but that it is much otherwise we may learnfrom the examples of true beasts. When they read the rabbies, fathers, or other ancient writings, how quick-sighted are they in spying out any sentences, that they may frighten the people with, and make them believe that more than the tenth is due, passing by whatever they meet with He removed to Padua, and last to Rome, where his fame had arrived long before him. Thus does this provident commentator furnish out the disciples with halberts, spears, and guns, for the enterprise of preaching Christ crucified; he supplies them at the same time with pockets, bags, and portmanteaus, that they might carry their cupboards as well as their bellies always about them: he takes no notice how our Saviour afterwards rebukes Peter for drawing that sword which he had just before so strictly charged him to buy; nor that it is ever recorded that the primitive Christians did by no ways withstand their heathen persecutors otherwise than with tears and prayers, which they would have exchanged more effectually for swords and bucklers, if they had thought this text would have borne them out. What heights and falls in their voice? And though such is the excellence of yourjudgment that it was ever contrary to that of the people's, yet such isyour incredible affability and sweetness of temper that you both can anddelight to carry yourself to all men a man of all hours. Orotherwise, I beseech you, under how many notions do I tax myself?Besides, he that spares no sort of men cannot be said to be angry withanyone in particular, but the vices of all. It is needless to insist upon the miscarriages of others, when the lecherous intrigues of Jove himself are so notorious, and when the pretendedly chaste Diana so oft uncloaked her modesty to run a hunting after her beloved Endimion.

Pay all those laurels which we justly owe? This peace and quietness is owing to my management, for there would otherwise be continual jars, and broils, and mad doings, if want of wit only did not at the same time make a contented cuckold and a still house; if the cuckoo sing at the back door, the unthinking cornute takes no notice of the unlucky omen of others’ eggs being laid in his own nest, but laughs it over, kisses his dear spouse, and

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