nonprofit annual report examples
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nonprofit annual report examples

nonprofit annual report examples

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite annual report examples and shared key takeaways you can apply to your nonprofit’s next annual report. What Should a Nonprofit Annual Report Include? Something went wrong while submitting the form. A nonprofit annual report should include the organization’s achievements, financial statements, expression of thanks, and a call to action. 4 nonprofit annual report examples to inspire you. Got a short annual report you'd like to share? The UNHCR is a huge international development organization with dozens of programs.

Nonprofit Annual Report Examples. A sample annual report table of contents. Nonprofit Annual Report Examples We Love Urban Ventures The Minneapolis-based organization created an interactive annual report that lives on their website and allows supporters to learn about their programs and beneficiaries in depth. Would you rather read a 3-page report with dense blocks of text or an 8-page report that breaks up the text with pictures, infographics, and clickable resources? What a way to bring the work directly to your supporters!

How to Be More CALM and Less BUSY Right Now, Mentoring Program for Communications Directors, Private Coaching for Communications Directors and Teams, nonprofit annual reports, including case studies and guest posts from other nonprofits, on our blog, Nonprofit Annual Report Infographics Pinterest Board, Content Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits. For the past several years, private companies like Mailchimp and Warby Parker have received praise for setting new standards in how information is presented to investors from a variety of backgrounds. Colorado Nonprofit Association 3. These are awesome non profit annual report designs from actual nonprofit organizations. Sometimes they are literally presented in a laundry list format. The UNHCR has a wealth of data and they’ve smartly found ways to bring that data to life through infographics, charts and other illustrations.

Photography might be a “nice to have” investment for your nonprofit, but consider the mileage you can get out of a set of really good photos: social media posts, annual report graphics, website photos, and so on. This is a pretty big contrast to a hardcopy paper annual report.

You can also find more examples on our Nonprofit Annual Report Infographics Pinterest Board. An annual report is a communications tool that helps tell your nonprofit’s story to donors. Annual reports. Their use of photos throughout their report showcases impact locales through beautiful photos.

Best Friends Animal Society uses that to their advantage in their annual report by integrating a ton of adorable animal photos. Invisible Children's annual report. And with as many different topics as OLI touches, forcing the reader to slow down and smell the stats is crucial. You'll find even more examples in these locations: Our Short Annual Report Dropbox Folder.

Even so, we think there are some useful takeaways that you can apply to your annual report. It is made for the benefit of the organization and the individuals involved. © 2007-2020, Nonprofit Marketing Guide. It can be more than just a brochure about your nonprofit. A how-to guide for every section of your report. FREE WEBINAR! We’ll admit this report is meaty at over 100 pages.

A useful community engagement communications piece, or a complete time suck that takes your organization months to produce?

Your submission has been received! It’s kind of a no-brainer that people love pics of dogs and cats. Our YouTube Channel. Nonprofits also have an opportunity to lead the way in driving the design of these summaries. Giving them a summary of the highlights is a great way to make sure readers get the essential information. Maine Association of Nonprofits 7.

#nonprofitz4lyfe. CalNonprofits 2. #nonprofitz4lyfe, Get weekly updates on tips, trends and best practices to power up your nonprofit.

A Note about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to Our Shoppers, Donors and Those We Serve. Overall, this is an amazing report that utilizes all of the takeaways we've noted here. Egotype: Annual Report 5 Inspirational Non-Profit Annual Report Designs (With Ideas You Can Use in 2020) Let's check out some real-world examples. Their annual report is the perfect opportunity to show off that work to supporters, bringing transparency around their work and impact.

For starters, it has a standalone Instagram account that uses the platform the deliver and share the annual report. Best Friends Animal Society is a beloved nonprofit with huge brand recognition. This week, we’re taking a look at several nonprofits that transformed their most recent yearly review into what some might deem an effective work of art. For organizations looking to improve their report in order to generate support, industry thought leader Kivi Leroux Miller provides tips on what types of information should be included to attract donors and potential business partners. You can apply a similar principle to hardcopy annual reports by making them visually interesting in a way that keeps eyes scanning.
15810 Indianola Drive The time to create interactive online report is now if organizations want individuals and business partners to truly understand their impact and help bring the mission to life. They give the people what they want!

Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations Operation Lifesavers, Inc.'s annual report, mini version of their report for the landing page, Nonprofit Annual Report Tools: Make an Impressive Report with Ease, Nonprofit Annual Report Must-Have Elements, The Best Way for Your Nonprofit to Do an Annual Review of Your Fundraising Program, 8 Must-Have Fundraising Reports Every Nonprofit Needs. With a targeted goal and vision, a celebratory look back at past work, gorgeous, on-brand photos and design, and a solid online presence, this gets top marks across the board.

All rights reserved, © 2009-2020 Goodwill International. Chances are, there's some aspect of your nonprofit’s work that gets your community and supporters revved up and excited.

We’re here to say that creating annual reports does not have to stink!

They have their full annual report available to download on their website and they ingeniously created a kind of mini version of their report for the landing page. Given how in-depth this report is, we think it’s a super smart idea to provide a summary of the report highlights at the outset. This is done largely via effortless navigation and responsive layouts that showcase a brand’s personality. Your nonprofit can do this too, even if you don’t work with dogs and cats. It’s 2, nonprofit friend, so let’s get a little more creative with how we present data. Rockville, Md 20855

You can find more videos on our YouTube Channel.

There's a lot of benefit in observing actual, professional examples of design work, in action. Which annual report format will work best for your nonprofit .


Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America: The latest BBBS report shines with the help of large photo …

We’ve all "read" those annual reports that are chock full of numbers and stats. If you're invested in building the ultimate annual report (and you should be), take a look at even more examples and resources: There are lots of ways your nonprofit can jazz up its annual report this year.

After all, not everyone is going to read the report cover to cover. Not everyone is interested in setting up a social media account or live online party for their report, but that's not the only way you can put tech to work! Readers can like, reshare or comment on each of the images. Continuing the enhanced digital experience theme, check out the interactive menu in Operation Lifesavers, Inc.'s annual report.

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York 9. You'll find even more examples in these locations: You can also read more about nonprofit annual reports, including case studies and guest posts from other nonprofits, on our blog. We are in the process of adding new short nonprofit annual reports all the time so check back often for inspiration! Here's a key takeaway you can apply to your nonprofit’s annual report. Send it to with the subject like "Short Annual Report Example". The National Parks Foundation is doing awesome work preserving and expanding... UNHCR Annual Report. Florida Nonprofit Alliance 5.

Like most nonprofits, they release an organization-wide annual report each year.


All Rights Reserved. Talk about an interesting way to rethink using a digital platform!

Many pages of the National Parks Foundation's report are dedicated to donor recognition lists, a very traditional component of annual reports.

Given that this annual report is shared through a series of Instagram posts, the nature of the report inherently invites engagement.

In an increasingly data dominated and impact driven world, annual reports are a crucial part of conveying an organization’s successes to potential donors and supporters. 4 elements your annual report needs to include — and a few it shouldn’t . Whatever that thing is, play it up in your report. Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement 4. Because of the nature of their work (see what we did there? We think the Calgary Zoo’s annual report is a big invitation to rethink what kind of engagement annual reports can encourage. We are in the process of adding new short nonprofit annual reports all the time so check back often for inspiration! By looking at awesome examples of nonprofit annual reports, we hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to roll up your sleeves. Nebraska - Nonprofit Association of the Midlands 8. While your nonprofit may still want to produce a hardcopy of PDF version of your annual report, how could you repurpose your annual report to encourage digital engagement?

Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NE) 10. The UNHCR’s summary of highlights includes an overview of their objectives and activities during the year, key achievements, and enrollment figures. Learn more.

Forefront 6. The National Parks Foundation is doing awesome work preserving and expanding parks around the country.

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