mystical dog names
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mystical dog names

mystical dog names

Perth - thornbush Conner - wise Rosamunde - wild roses

A clever way to use this larger than life name is to give it to a small dog such as a Chihuahua.

Floria/Floriane/Flower - prosperous, flowering Lexine - defender of mankind Deiree - desired Bernice - brings victory Adonis - fertility and vegetation Gods

Choosing the proper magical name for your dog has as much to do with your taste in magic as it does most anything else. Main deities in Egyptian mythology: Ra, Amun, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Maat, Ptah, Thot.

Dyani - gazelle We’ve left out many as some are just too long

Elaine/Elani/Eleanor/Elena - light Tino - small

Names |

Alanala/Anna - fair beautiful Pattin - leaf

Maura/Maureen - dark

Arna - ceder tree Payton - Village Warrior  Nimeesha - princess Many Greek gods and goddesses have a Roman counterpart.

Nox was the Roman goddess of night.

Nakia/Niesha - pure Juno was the daughter of Saturn and goddess of marriage.

Placido - calm, quiet

Keelan - little slender one Hera - Goddess of heaven Yori - reliable Gur - baby lion Annot - Light  Chimalis - bluebird Saskia - protector of mankind More - sweet berry Nestor - wisdom Aegis: Goatskin shield attributed to Zeus and Athena. was considered to be the Roman goddess of the hearth and sacred fire. Narain - Protector  Tass - mythological name

Odetta/Odette - ode,melody,melodic

Mahari - forgiver

No worries, we have many different pages of names to spark your imagination. Tangia - the angel Leon/Leonard - lion like

Phyllis - a leaf Sarama - nice Gilbert - trusted

Spirituality is the journey or attempt at connecting with something deeper than the physical realm, whether it’s in the shape of your soul or a higher plane of consciousness…

Remedy - cure 

Breeding & Whelping | Alternative Health.

Rene - reborn Some of them might seem exotic, but hopefully they'll be a perfect fit for your pooch's personality. In fact, although many of us think of cats and their relation to Egyptian mythology, dogs also feature heavily in their tales and imagery. Orion - A Hunter in Greek Mythology 

Elita - chosen one When it comes to dog naming inspiration, you can’t go wrong with mythology and folklore. Mita - myth Any of these names would make a great suggestion for your god or goddess of the four legged variety.

He was so obsessed with his own image that when looking at his reflection in some water, he fell in and drowned. Olga - holly Whitney - white island Kara - sweet melody Primo - First Born  Irma - God of War Aldan/Alden/Aldon - of old age

Rhiannon - witch nymph Goddess, 

Natsu - born in summer Jasmine - a flower Jenni/Jennifer - white wave Mirabel - of uncommon beauty Carswell - child of the watercress spring Kineta - full of energy

Her dad was Zeus and her brother was Apollo. Vitalis/Vito - live

Martha - lady

I have often nicknamed my bulldog, Aeolus because of her proclivity for flatulence. Inar - shrimp Friar: Religious order of men in Catholicism.

Aidan - fiery

Isibis - something beautiful

Boreas - God of the north wind Zafia - wisdom

Aldona - old Drisana - daughter of the sun

Conrad - bold, wise counsellor Victor/Vincent - Winner, Conqueror 

Wyatt - water

Snow - fair, completed

Wallace - A Stranger 

Two more common names can also be considered dog names from mythology.

(See, Privacy Policy), Copyright 2013-2020  Small Dog Place   All Rights Reserved, You don't need to go back to the myths of the ancient world. Chayton - Falcon 

In Roman mythology, Pluto was the god of the underworld.

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