my moment with the rebbe
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my moment with the rebbe

my moment with the rebbe

Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson was one of the first Lubavitcher activists to arrive to the United States, and the representative of the sixth (Previous) Lubavitcher Rebbe, Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn – the Friedeker Rebbe, or Rebbe Rayatz — during the 1920s and 1930s. Home. In 1909, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, Rebbetzin Chana and their three sons moved to Dnepropetrovsk, a huge military city 520 kilometers from Kiev, where Rabbi Levi Yitzchok became the rabbi of the city’s 25 synagogues and 50,000 Jews. Rabbi Moshe Yaroslavsky, peace be with him, who oversaw hachnasas orchim, hospitality, agonized over finding enough places for all the guests. Recently, an additional 175,000 stills were captured. Diane Abrams is an attorney in New York City. National Council of Young Israel from 1956 to 1992. He reveals the Rebbe’s influence in bringing down the Iron Curtain. shares a touching letter that the youth received from the Rebbe. An original participant in NASA’s Exobiology program, he served as Professor of The Avner Institute presents anecdotes adapted of individuals who were greatly impacted – a cross-eyed girl, Bukharian refugee, childless Vizhnitzer Chassid, and Chief Rabbis of Israel. Shaar Yashuv Cohen is the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Israel. One afternoon, entering 770 for Mincha service, the Rebbe noticed a Bukharian Jew wearing a Bukharian skullcap.

After much effort Rabbi Jacobson managed to procure an esrog from Calabria, Italy, the choice of esrog for the Rebbe. We bachurim stood on the two sides of the path and sang, “Ki B’Simcha Seitzei’u” [“Those who Leave Happily”], which the Rebbe encouraged with the waving of his hand.

In 1930 the Friedeker Rebbe spent the month of Tishrei in New York. The Seventh Generation. Like many before her, her meetings with the Rebbe broke many stereotypes and expectations. After the Rebbe thanked me profusely for the “treasure” of an esrog, Rabbi Jacobson brought his daughter to him for a blessing. The previous year, however, he passed by the Rebbe, asking for a blessing. Rabbi Boruch Kahana relates how the current Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson encouraged him to keep a diary and faithfully record events. The Rebbe always enjoyed a pleasant surprise. Simply go to and search by date, time of day, and other fields. That happens on the JEM end.

Sure enough, that year the man’s wife gave birth. When the Rebbe passed by him, the man asked the Rebbe something in Russian. a large sum. Mr. Aaron Noach Blasbalg was a member of the board of Poalei Agudat Israel for 25 years. “Afterward, we calculated that these twenty-five minutes were the amount of time it took for the rabbis to reach the airport, whence they were flying directly to Eretz Yisroel. Rabbi Chaim Ciment shares a few stories he heard from Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik about statistic about the assimilation rate of Jewish Orthodox students in American colleges. With Germany about to invade France, Asher Heber’s father was unsure whether to escape The Rebbe circled the words not interfere and wrote: “And to the contrary, I will mention it at the tziyun.”. The Rebbe often displayed startingly clear vision. My Moment solves both problems. It was 5749 [1989]. Nonetheless, he remained childless.

David Bezborodko was a businessman from a non-Chassidic family, who directed his family’s glass and mirror factory in Paris. He and his wife went to many doctors, but nothing helped. Share on Facebook. Rabbi Zalman Posner was a young yeshivah student when the Rebbe arrived in the United States in 1941. Obid Asomov & Karen Avanesyan’s Interview with UzbekN TV New York... Man accused of impersonating police officer to get into synagogue –... Bella Roza in Rego Park Closed by Health Department. As a rabbinic student at 770, Rabbi Aaron Cousin joined his colleagues in working under the On the bottle was written (apparently by the original sender): “Der Rebbe zol zain gezunt. If any conversation takes place during the encounter you have selected, we will request proof that you are either the person appearing in this clip, or their next of kin. Dov Zlotnik, Professor of Rabbinic Literature at the Conservative Movement’s Jewish Theological Seminary, once delivered a sermon on the importance of Family Purity. Over the past years, JEM has painstakingly worked through thousands of hours of video of the Rebbe greeting individuals, and captured a still image of each precious moment. A Moment with the Rebbe. He told me how for many years he did not have children. The Rebbe should stay well.

Hundreds of thousands had an experience with the Rebbe, but find it difficult to locate a video or photo of the encounter. Individuals who met the Rebbe in person and corresponded with him tell of experiences that touched them, impacted their lives, and in turn, caused them to inspire others. Either there are no pictures taken, or they cannot locate the video among the thousands of hours of footage. I Jew, You Jew, I Tefillin, You Tefillin. Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. Community.

The Israeli Chief Rabbis Mordechai Eliyahu and Avraham Shapira had been deep in yechidus, private audience, with the Rebbe for over an hour. Former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu shares some of the personal experiences he had with the Rebbe during his tenure as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. Rabbi Moshe Gerlitzky was a student in the Lubavitch Yeshiva at that time. An illuminating lesson in the game of life. At the end, the Rebbe escorted them out of the office and waited at the main entrance to 770. At the time, Rabbi Jacobson’s oldest daughter, Chaya Sara, who had immigrated to the U.S. with her father, was nine years old. In the early 1960s, he read an alarming The Rebbe paid what he “owed” in the best possible way. Yitzchak Rabin was Prime Minister of Israel, and served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States in the early 1970s. The Rebbe then smiled. Daily life at the court of 770 Eastern Parkway involved more than prayer, study, or Chabad business. Posted on September 20, 2020 September 20, 2020 by admin. The Rebbe answered with a story from his own childhood. Features in the works for My Moment include name tagging, adding video stills of all remaining dates, a mobile-friendly ordering experience, and many more technology enhancements to enable an even better user experience. Now, individuals can browse through these moments on the easy-to-navigate My Moment platform, locate themselves, and order the video or still image capture of the video. It was the morning of Erev Pesach. “Nu, there will be that too,” he announced, raising both hands. religious needs of Jewish men and women in prison. The app provides users with the ability to search by date or time, and to see photo details and preexisting name tags. Rabbi Leibel Posner was a student at 770 during the 1940s, and would attend the Rebbe’s monthly Shabbos-Mevorchim Farbrengen. One day, I was standing in the hallway near Gan Eden HaTachton – the “lower Garden of Eden,” also known as the Rebbe’s office — when the Rebbe emerged. Impact. Mehudar—exalting a commandment—leads to exalted eyes. Dovid.”. Over the past years, JEM has painstakingly worked through thousands of hours of video of the Rebbe greeting individuals, and captured a still image of each precious moment.Recently, an additional 175,000 stills were captured.. Now, individuals can browse through these moments on the easy-to-navigate My Moment platform, locate themselves, and order … Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar is executive director of the Aleph Institute, which services the He walked into 770 just at the end of Mincha. He describes an event early in the Rebbe’s presence on these shores, which was truly characteristic of the Rebbe. He turned to Rabbi Zalman Vilenkin, asking him to teach his sons. Shortly thereafter Rabbi Menachem Mendel, his son-in-law to be, was forced into hiding. In their stories, a part of the Rebbe… He received countless blessings from many distinguished Chassidic Rebbes. New York State "Released time" program, which allows Public School students to receive In my younger days, I worked in the field of special education for many years, mainly with teens with criminal backgrounds. I was surprised to see a non-Lubavitcher visitor, as I assumed he lived elsewhere in Brooklyn – Williamsburg, perhaps, or Boro Park. One day in 5750 [1990], Rabbi Chaim Gutnick, peace be with him, came to New York all the way from Australia. Yona Kese grew up in Dnepropetrovsk at the same time the Rebbe was there.

Find My Moment With the Rebbe. Quietly he remained at the last door at the end of the zal, hall, downstairs.

During the year 5750 [1990], I had the privilege of writing the diary for Beis Chayeinu, a newsletter describing daily life around the Rebbe’s court at 770. Dr. Yitzchak Block is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. Shyly she stood before him. JEM is committed to maintaining the privacy of conversations with the Rebbe. The Seventh Generation.

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