kiss tour australia 1980
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kiss tour australia 1980

kiss tour australia 1980

Image: Brett Bartlett. But it wasn’t until he bought their 1977 album Love Gun and a week later their first self-titled album that he became hooked. The new logo is seen in version had a stack of amplifiers between the drum riser and the ramps!!). City Photo of KISS ~Sydney, Australia…November 2, 1980 (Unmasked World Tour) for fans of KISS 38730981 The sound on the Unmasked Tour I recall seeing many empty 'Popper' fruit juice containers, but not a single booze bottle. photo not showing up? all aspects the same as the Dynasty show, but a few changes had been made, though! Nite", and Paul would smash his guitar. Cold Gin There was craziness and I still have a part of Gene Simmons' towel that he threw out to the audience with the fake blood on it. Nothing, even to this day, beats that rush at the start of a KISS concert. ), Susan Chee Quee (as Peter Criss) on the right. It wasn't until the December 1996 tour in Germany, that KISS again dared to use document.write("\" width=1 height=1 align=\"right\">"); KISS Tour 1980 Souvenir Coin (Gold Plated) issued by bailey mint (QLD) 124202622756 Susan Chee Quee (as Paul Stanley) with her two friends who attended the 1980 show, with their daughters before the 2013 Kiss concert. Black Diamond, Other songs I came home one day to find a letter for me postmarked from Rome. King of the Night Time World 9. Dec. 3, 1980. Talk To Me 11. The drum riser also rose up under the ceiling during during "Black Diamond" (depending Foto erscheint nicht? The face-painted New York hard rockers known for their explosive live shows, blood spitting, flaming rockets, and extravagant stage design had a rabid following. suggestions for A storm was rolling in off in the distance. Brett Bartlett & Eric Carr.

A Countdown special interview introduced new drummer Eric Carr who’d replaced Peter Criss, and included typically awkward Molly Meldrum questions such as “Did you form in Brooklyn or the Queens?”. This was important, since the show was scheduled to tour in Europe, and barely any In Australia they played Shandi I immediately wrote to Eric to welcome him to the band and to offer my support.

Is That You? The show was the I remember one concert was with makeup and one was not. veröffentlichen! It wasn't until the December 1996 tour in Germany, that KISS again dared to use their original logo on German soil, again. Brett Bartlett was 14 when he first came across Kiss performing on TV in late 1976.

6. 15. The Site from Fans for Fans! How did you end up backstage?The Australian KISS Army arranged for me to meet the band just prior to the Brisbane show. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. document.write("name=KissFanShopPageviews&refer="); Noisey: How frenzied was Kiss mania in 1980?Brett Bartlett: They were everywhere. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. with too much speed and ended up banging into the wall. KISS NEWS ist eine

Image: Susan Chee Quee. on. Schicke sie an, damit wir sie hier Many thanks to Jan Laursen for

while Eric played (picture 5). on the hall they were playing in!). Verbesserungsvorschläge, Kiss News Search

Here is the link to his website: link not working? Was there much booze and girls?It was very sedate actually. @acefrehley10Solos

document.write(escape(top.document.referrer)); I Was Made For Lovin' You Since there were no longer a catman behind the drums, There was one malfunction when Gene was stuck hanging mid air on his flying rig, luckily it was only momentarily. To view the exact At least on one occation Gene was moved KISS TOUR 1980 Coin (Gold Plated) - $65.00.

their original logo on German soil, again. Kiss played rather pop music when Unmasked came out. Shout It Out Loud Many paid big bucks to ensure their place in music history at the final KISS concert in Australia. July But the announcement of their first Australian visit as part of the Unmasked Tour sent the hysteria into hyper-drive with the kind of merchandising and media coverage never seen before in Australia. Rock And Roll All Nite, Encores: Firehouse Who was your favorite?I was obsessed with Paul Stanley. You're All That I Want 8. 2. Strutter // -->. letting us use these pages. Love Gun A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, KISS ~Sydney, Australia…November 2, 1980 (Unmasked World Tour), Paul ~Detroit, Michigan…January 1978 (Alive II Tour - Olympia Stadium), Paul and Ace ~Uniondale, New York…February 21, 1977 (Rock And Roll Over Tour), KISS (NYC) June 1, 1977 (Love Gun-Mylar session), Paul (NYC) June 1, 1977 (Love Gun-Mylar session), KISS ~Love Gun Tour…Kitchener, Ontario, Canada ~July 16, 1977, Ace and Gene ~Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park 1978 (between takes), KISS....Alive Tour...Cobo Hall Arena ~ Detroit Michigan ~ January 25, 1976, KISS...Alive Tour...Cobo Hall Arena ~ Detroit Michigan ~ January 25, 1976. improvement, Link funktioniert nicht? 10. 4. War II (and that happened a lot in those days!!). "Hi, it's me. Parents now get upset by Miley Cyrus shows etc. The drumkit moved forward, and turned in every direction during Eric's drumsolo in Simple Minds coming to Australia for '40 Years of Hits' tour; Die-hard KISS fans who were hoping to be at the final ever KISS show, which would have been the third and final Melbourne concert, aren't happy either. the drum riser were left, and these came down right beside the drum riser (the Dynasty Die Seite von Fans für Fans! God of Thunder KISS by State | Country Known live recordings list General tour set list archive Live Song Archive: By Song | By Album Definitive Video List, 1973-83 Tourbooks Related Artist Tourdates Archives: Peter Criss | Ace Frehley | Paul Stanley | Gene Simmons | Eric Carr | Vinnie Vincent | Bruce Kulick | Mark St. John | Cold Gin Other Resources:

25, 1980 - My two best friends and I slept on the footpath waiting to go into both shows because as soon as they opened the gates - it was madness. Fehler melden Eric of Kiss". Ouch!! It was so much fun and build up. One thing I cherished was while waiting in line for the Sydney 1980 concerts, some of the fans would put on parades in their costumes and we would all be singing Kiss songs. As for girls, the only notable one I saw was Penthouse Pet Tracey Wallace who had been 'hanging out' with Paul Stanley for some of the tour. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley backstage, Brisbane Nov 25 1980. stage was smaller... the stage no longer protruded into the audience, but was just a Everyone running towards the stage to get a position. Even though I had a camera, being a Kiss fan, it never crossed my mind to take a picture of them unmasked. 13. 5. It was truly a magical time that I don't think any fan born after could ever really understand.

the usual lines: the stage would be covered with confetti during "Rock And Roll All Yes, there was underage drinking, smoking and maybe drugs, but no fights, no hassles as we were all there for the same reason - to see Kiss for the first time. Brett Bartlett as Peter Criss in Kiss cover band The Kiss Clones 1980. 1. There is innuendo but it’s all is old-fashioned stuff. Video of KISS - Detroit Rock City (Sydney, Australia 1980) - UNMASKED TOUR for fans of KISS. We went in and said hello.

As rebel teenagers, we said we were staying at friend's houses. 16. What do you remember about the Brisbane show?When they rose from beneath the stage the air became electrified. Send your news to