john motson quotes
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john motson quotes

john motson quotes

#Events #World #Cups “The Czech Republic are coming from behind in more than one way now.”-- John Motson . Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts - it's a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour. It’s up to the referee to make the calls and his decisions are final. I might feel a little bit empty, and it might get to me for a short time, but I'm hoping to keep my association with football and with broadcasting - I'm not retiring from everything; I'm retiring from the BBC.

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I don't think things could have gone any better for me because I was football-mad as a boy, and to get a job watching the game and going to all the major events I have been to has been very rewarding. The World Cup is a truly International event. Here’s some quotes and commentary from John Motson on refereeing and (great) decisions. John Motson.

It’s Arsenal 0 Everton 1, and the longer it stays like that, the more you’ve got to fancy Everton. The referee makes the call “Whether that was a penalty or not, the referee thought otherwise.” On iNews. It is now a pleasure to go to any of the Premier League grounds. May 20, 2004.

The competition to get above the rest and be the lead commentator, or whatever you want to call it, is much fiercer than it was when I was starting out. The unexpected is always likely to happen.

I think this could be our best victory over Germany since the war.

They are so welcoming, not just to me but to all the broadcasters - all media, really, you have to say. Share with your friends. I didn't want to get to the stage where people say, 'Oh blimey, Motty's lost it.

I really thought we'd make it at Euro '96, especially after Gazza's goal against Scotland. Share. And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction. facebook; twitter; googleplus; Arsene Wenger has got to unlock the purse strings.

He's getting the players wrong, and his voice is going.'. #Unexpected “The World Cup is a truly international event.”-- John Motson .

The match has become quite unpredictable, but it still looks as though Arsenal will win the cup, Defoe was level and anyone who says otherwise is picking hairs, Northern Ireland were in white, which was quite appropriate because three inches of snow had to be cleared from the pitch before kick off, Follow AzQuotes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In a sense it's a one-man show... except there are two men involved, Hartson and Berkovic, and a third man, the goalkeeper.

Long-serving football commentator John Motson will end his 50-year association with the BBC at the end of the season. #Czech Republic #Republic #Way “Not the first half you might have expected, even though the score might suggest that it was”-- John Motson

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