jak ii
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jak ii

jak ii

"[15] IGN named Jak II the #8 hardest PlayStation 2 game, citing its combat, platforming, city navigation, and instant death scenarios.

Endearing is no longer in vogue.

When they land, Jak and Daxter find themselves in a grungy, dystopian city where they're confronted by a group of red-suited guards under the command of the evil Baron Praxis.

There was Jak, the mute action hero with an array of snazzy moves; Daxter, the furry and wisecracking sidekick; and tons and tons of items to collect.

© 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement. It works surprisingly well, however, given the game's previously kid-friendly pedigree. Jak and Daxter learn that Praxis engineered the war with the Metal Heads, bribing them with eco to attack the city just enough that he remain in command.

Critics applauded the game for being very polished in nearly every department, with many agreeing it was one of the best PlayStation 2 games released at the time.

The gameplay of Jak II is significantly different from the previous game.

Kor admits that he arranged for Jak to be mutated so that he could acquire the Stone, which would give him the power to destroy Mar's descendants.

The game features new weapons and devices, new playable areas, and a storyline that picks up after the events of The Precursor Legacy. Without spoiling too much, the game's storyline is stronger and contains more unexpected twists than you'd expect--especially if you played the first game. Jak is far more likeable now that he speaks, and the fact that he's pissed off and owns honking big guns weaves in an unmistakable new level of emotion into the narrative.
As the Krimzon Guard and the Underground join forces to resist the invasion, Jak breaches the nest and locates Kor. Unable to defeat the Metal Heads, Praxis obtains the Precursor Stone, a large gem that contains the essence of the last living Precursor. You can "borrow" a passing car by knocking off its driver, and this lets you cover ground through the city more quickly. [18] Jak II received a "Platinum Prize" in Japan for sales of over one million units. There is a bit of nonlinearity involved, so if you get frustrated with one of the required missions (and you will), you're usually free to complete something else and can try the difficult one later. Instead, urban grit and grime now rule the day, and it looks like Naughty Dog has been paying attention.

The hoverboard also allows you to pull off Tony Hawk-style tricks in a skate park arena. With a little practice, it's possible to create some pretty neat combos involving both your physical attacks and your guns. Jak II begins innocently enough when Jak, Daxter, and their old pals, Keira and Samos, get to tinkering with some ancient precursor machinery. In the days of the first PlayStation, Naughty Dog was known primarily for a raft of games based on the only-slightly-loveable Crash Bandicoot, a character that was seen as Sony's answer to Mario.

Jak II is an enormous and ambitious game that succeeds on every level. The other games in the series did not follow suit, leaving the voices to be exclusive to the Japanese and Korean regions. [4][5] IGN gave it a score of 9.5/10, saying: "Naughty Dog weighs in with heavy guns, a dark story and mature content...And unlike pretty much every other platformer in the world, the story here is filled with characters who you'll either love or hate.

Privacy Policy. Here, Jak can access new missions by visiting various allied characters. on October 14, 2003 at 4:12PM PDT. Jak and Daxter was as much a graphical showcase of the PlayStation 2's capabilities as it was a fun action game, and, in this sense, Jak II more than lives up to expectations.

The player takes on the dual role of protagonists Jak and Daxter.

Be warned, though: Some of the missions can be maddeningly difficult. The voice acting is, for the most part, Hollywood-quality, and even the shots are set up by someone with an obvious talent for using a camera. This is also the first time Jak is heard speaking in the series, which is heavily lampshaded by other returning characters throughout the story.

The game had all the trappings of your typical platformer.

Jak is back in another action-packed adventure, but he's not the same. Jak II received positive reviews. The Baron isn't the only villain; you'll also have to contend with "metal heads" who are an army of creatures that are always on the verge of besieging Haven City. He became subjected to several experiments, ultimately giving him the ability to become "Dark Jak", a beastly version of himself which is unleashed when Jak has gathered enough Dark Eco.

While the first game had you traversing its lavish environments in a sort of free-form, interconnected manner, Jak II operates with Haven City as its hub. Many missions, especially those that are time-limited, will force you to replay them multiple times just to figure out the optimal (read: only) method of completing them.

Jak intercepts Praxis and his men confronting Kor, an elderly man who acts as the Kid's guardian. The levels ooze excess geometry everywhere you look, and they're all built with an obvious degree of care and attention to detail. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

[16] Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine remarked: "It isn't proper to expect us to be perfect in order to make up for your game's many imbalances... Life might not be fair, but I certainly expect Jak and Daxter immediately become embroiled in an underground resistance movement against the Baron, and your involvement in this rebellion will have you running back and forth around the city completing missions with a wide variety of goals. Haven City functions as the game hub world, with various other environments accessible from it. The music is pretty good and never gets annoying, but it also isn't very memorable. Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- October 25-31, 2020, Halo Infinite: Microsoft Responds To Microtransaction Concerns Regarding New "Coating" System, By One errant press of the wrong button, however, and they're confronted by a big rift in the sky, a ghastly, trash-talking monster, and an unrequested trip through a portal, where they're launched through a big, multicolored-light tunnel. Jak and Daxter manage to behead Kor using a portion of the Rift Gate, neutralizing the remaining Metal Heads.

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