i have to wear diapers
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i have to wear diapers

i have to wear diapers

My room started smelling better and I talked my mom into removing the sheet with the agreement that she or my sister must double check that my diapers were on and the baby pants properly covered all of the diapers so we knew the mattress was protected.

I was a flower girl in a wedding when i was 13 and wore the diapers and rubberpants under my flower girl dress also.My bedwetting continued into age 14 and when i was confirmed[8th grade] I had to wear a white poofy dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes and mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me under the dress.I stopped bedwetting just past 15 and was glad to be rid of the diapers and rubberpants! Yes,i started wetting the bed at 14 due to some emotional problems and was put into cloth diapers and super large size plastic baby pants[rubberpants as my parents called them].Every night at bedtime,i would lay naked on my bed,mom would powder me,then pin the diapers on me the pull the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.Then it was into my two piece footed pjs and into bed.Four months later,i had my 8th grade confirmation,and per the parish dress code,had to wear a white flowergirl type dress and veil with lace socks and white shows and mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me when she dressed me and i wore them all day under my dress! With Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software, the developing of new quiz about any subject is a lot easier and time saving. ? Did You Wear Diapers For Bed Wetting When You Were A Kid? 6 years, 1 month(s) ago. With my nitey on I climbed into bed and there I was lying in bed wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. it even got to the extent that he told me it was over and i should never call him again.

Why does everyone make such a big deal about older kids wearing diapers ... Did wearing diapers for bed wetting cause you to lose control and start ... Did people use regular diapers for older kids that wet the bed before Go... What should you do if you caught your teenage son or daughter wearing di... Would you make a 15 year old wear plastic pants or a diaper if they wet ... Where in ireland can i get a loan if im unemployed?. They had those Luvs plastic backed diapers in large sizes for kids who wet their pants in school. This is embarrassing! 3 years, 4 month(s) ago.

2 years, 6 month(s) ago.


2 years, 6 month(s) ago. Report (0) (1)  |   3 years, 6 month(s) ago. Can I be a foster parent if I am a felon? Latest activity: i started wetting at 13,just after puberty,and it was horrible!

Get alerts when some one else answer on this question. Dutch parents adopt american child, and move back to the Netherlands. I have to admit I liked diaper time and really enjoyed having a nice thick soft diaper positioned between my legs and then watching silently while my baby sitter or mother slowly snapped a snap side style plastic baby pantie on me.

Later that day my mom called and talked to me that my aunt was buying me some protection that I would have to wear all the time. I am 16 and was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding two weeks ago and mom and sis ganged up on me and made me wear the larger size cloth baby diapers with adult plastic pants over them.it was sis's idea that i wear them and mom heartily went along with her.They claim they made me wear them to keep my mind off of boys and to keep me from sneaking off with a boy!I am now still mad at mom and sis for doing that to me! My Name is Anita Kelly from Los Angeles, i was dating this man who i loved very much for over four years now without any problem in our relationship. Report (2) (0)  |   Boxers do nothing at all to cut down noise so don't even try them.

Report (1) (2)  |   mom told me she is going to put the diaper and rubberpants on me both times. I am 16 and catholic and recieved my sacrement of confirmation last september.per the parish dress code us girls had to wear white dresses and veils for the ceremony.my parents made me wear a cloth diaper and adult size 'rubberpants'[plastic pants] under my dress for the entire day.They told me they would make me feel more pure like when i was baptized as a baby.The 'rubberpants' fit me baggy over the diaper and crinkled under my dress when i walked down the aisle.The only thing that saved me that day was i found out another girl in my class also had a cloth diaper and rubberpants under her dress also so her and i stuck together.she told me her parents also made her wear the diaper and rubberpants. Parents, is Green Day appropriate for a 13 year old?

Quiz, What Anime Series Should You Watch? [should i wear diapers to bed quiz]. So i have to wear diapers for prob the next few months. Report (4) (4)  |  

The diaper bulge may be a bit noticeable but most people are not looking at your crotch and as long as you go to the restroom like you normally would then nobody would really think anything of it. I have been wearing diapers since I was born. she put the diapers and rubberpants on us while we laid side by side on my bed.I stopped wetting the bed at 15,but wore the diapers and rubberpants for a couple of months just to be sure.Sis stopped just before her 16th birthday and she wore the diapers and rubberpants also for a couple of months just to make sure.it was hard being teen girls and having to wear baby diapers and rubberpants to bed every night!

, Report (2) (0)  |   4 years, 11 month(s) ago. sometimes they would ask me to lay on the couch or bed to reajust or tighten the diapers. I had Desitin for any sores. 5 years, 8 month(s) ago, I was born in the mid 50's, and was chronic bed wetter till age 14. she put the diapers and rubberpants on us while we laid side by side on my bed.I stopped wetting the bed at 15,but wore the diapers and rubberpants for a couple of months just to be sure.Sis stopped just before her 16th birthday and she wore the diapers and rubberpants also for a couple of months just to make sure.it was hard being teen girls and having to wear baby diapers and rubberpants to bed every night! Even if you are not considering wearing diapers and don't like them, you should … But I came to accept the fact that they DID work. my parents put me into cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants as they called them] every night.I had regular baby diaper pins that the diapers were pinned on me with,baby powder,baby oil,diaper rash ointment.they even bought me the rubberpants in pastel colors and also with babyprints on them since i am a girl.I had one drawer in my dresser with just the diapers and rubberpants and the other stuff in it.at bed time,it was get naked,lay down on my bed and mom rubbed diaper rash ointment on me,then applied the powder,then slid the diapers under me,brought them up and pinned them,then pulled the rubberpants up my legs! I never believed in spell casting but After 4 years of marriage my husband left me because I lost my womb, and i was unable to give birth to children. 6 years, 3 month(s) ago. Report (2) (2)  |   Report (0) (4)  |   Report (4) (1)  |   I started to cry but mom talked to me and said that  no one would know except for her and dad and so after that I felt a little better. 4 years, 12 month(s) ago. earlier, Report (4) (0)  |   I like to p**p in diapers then give it to my annoying cousins and tell them it's chocolate. Waking up in a dry bed was the greatest thing. I still love wearing my plastic baby panties as an adult!!!! Would you let your teenage daughter to wear a thong bikini to a beach or public pool? 4 years, 9 month(s) ago,

 Yes ,me and my sister were bedwetters,she was a little over a year younger,and mom used regular cloth baby diapers on us with extralarge-super size rubberpants over them on us every night. yes,i am a girl,16 and recieving my sacrement of baptism at easter vigil next month.Our parish baptizes all the p*****n and teen girls up to age 17 as babies.The required white outfit is an infant style,knee length,baptism gown with a matching bonnet,under shirt.10 ply thick cloth diaper,rubberpants-adult size,tights and white shoes.For oud first communions in may we have to wear the communion dress and veil with our under shirt,the cloth diaper,rubberpants and the tights and the shoes.So will be wearing a diaper and rubberpants twice in two months! Report (5) (2)  |  

The following day, i was in the house in a sober mood when i first received a message from my boyfriend that he was very sorry and before i dropped the phone, he called me again to say he is on his way home and that he was truly sorry for everything.

My body temperature is 97.3, do I have Hypothermia? This question has To create a quiz, it is essential to have a good and accurate knowledge of the subject. Report (4) (1)  |   I advice you all If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster to solve all your problems just Contact  Dr joy on his email on joylovespell@gmail.com.

you can also call him or add him on Whats-app: +2347088404185. I loved to hear the snaps and the plastic baby pantie rustle as my mother or babysitter rubberpantied me!!!! Report (0) (2)  |   (Marijuana)? Quiz. Please give me ideas on how to make them silent!?

Thank you, thank you. Yes,i was put into cloth diapers with diaper pins and extra large super size plastic baby pants when i was 14 for my bedwetting.Every night i had to lay on my bed and mom would baby powder me and then pin the diapers on me then pull the babypants up my legs and over the diapers.When i was confirmed 3 months later,i had to wear a white dress and veil and mom put the diapers and baby pants on me under my dress for the day,then i had to wear them also under my easter dresses and christmas dresses as well.this went on untill i was past 16.

She has the diaper all ready made and got pink diaper pins and the rubberpants are pastel pink. The maid (a black lady) was cleaning  when I stepped back in the room. When was the last time you wet your bed? Try and check out Should you wear diapers to school? Find out what they had to say in the following confessions. Report (3) (1)  |   Report (1) (2)  |  

The room smelled and the plastic sheet crinkled. All Thanks to KEKE ODIN.

Yes,i have to wear them on easter sunday and again on may 18th.i am a girl,15,and recieving my sacrement of baptism at easter vigil on easter sunday and per the parish requirements,girls 17 and under have to wear a poofy,white above the knees dress with a bonnet,lace anklets and white shoes.under our dresses we have to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants[plasticpants]and an under shirt.we all then are baptized as babies with the regular babies.I all ready have my cute poofy short dress,bonnet,lace socks shoes,under shirt and the diaper and rubberpants.We all will be making our First holy communions on may 18th and since we are considered newly baptized 'babies' we have to wear our diaper,rubberpants,under shirt,lace socks and shoes with our communion dresses and veils. Bedwetting runs in the family so it is not uncommon to have older kids in diapers for bed. For discipline reasons on occusion wore diapers 24/7 for various periods of time. She said im afraid a year of dry nights is required so I wont worry about the matteress. As a late bedwetter myself at 6 years old I was taken to the doctors whao finally figured out that my bladder needed to catch up to he rest of my body.

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