easter tornado outbreak 2020
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easter tornado outbreak 2020

easter tornado outbreak 2020

Multiple businesses and metal buildings along SR 2 were damaged and a weather station at the Public Works Department measured an unconfirmed gust of 106 mph (171 km/h) in this area. A long-tracked EF3 tornado was identified with the second supercell that tracked behind the first one, producing significant damage near Oak Vale and Carson. EF3 damage to a house in Monroe, Louisiana. The tornado then reached its peak width as it entered the Drake Forest neighborhood of Chattanooga while still at EF3 intensity.

A total of eight separate EF3 tornadoes were confirmed across Georgia and South Carolina during this portion of the outbreak. [70] Numerous roads were blocked in Rutherford, Williamson,[71] and Washington counties. 27-28 Apr 2011 is largest on record at 450", "It ranks as the 6th most number of confirmed tornadoes in 1 day in North Carolina, dating back to 1950 (s/o to Tim for asking the q)", "South Carolina Tornado Outbreak 4/13/2020 (Preliminary Report)", 1.44 million customers at one time; over 4.3 million in total. Numerous other homes in this area sustained roofing and window damage, and many trees and power poles were downed. [17] Accordingly, the SPC issued a particularly dangerous situation tornado watch into the late evening hours. The tornado then weakened slightly, but maintained EF2 intensity as it crossed SR 255 and moved directly through the central part of Sumac, where a house was destroyed and a few others sustained minor damage. [67], Farther north in Tennessee, a 33-year-old woman was swept away and drowned by rushing water at a bridge in Kimball. Trees and homes in this area suffered EF0 to EF1 damage as the tornado crossed over SC 11 and SC 24. [58] Gusty winds in Upshur County, Texas killed one man after a tree fell on him in his driveway. Multiple buildings were severely damaged at the Grace Baptist Academy as well. [50], The tornado was on the ground for 18 minutes, traveled 20 miles, was 1,500 yards wide, and was rated EF3. [73] Across Unicoi County, multiple roads were washed out.

[87] Daily snowfall records were set in Rochester and Eau Claire. [115] Throughout Orangeburg County, 54 single-family homes, 27 mobile homes, and 10 businesses suffered damage from tornadoes; total losses reached $2.98 million. North-northeast of Pachuta, the tornado finally dissipated at County Road 320, after causing some additional minor EF0 tree limb damage. It reached a peak width of 2,040 yd (1,870 m), and resulted in at least two injuries, but no fatalities. It was rated as a low-end EF4, with winds estimated at around 170 mph (270 km/h). The scar from this tornado could be seen from satellite images taken on April 14.

While this structure was well-anchored, surveyors noted some minor structural defects including lack of external sheathing and flawed stud-to-sill plate nailing, while nearby trees sustained only partial debarking, and no significant ground scouring was observed.

Additional EF2 damage occurred to the west and north of Carson, where a small business housed in a manufactured structure was completely destroyed, many trees were downed, and two well-built homes had their roofs torn off. With at least 30 deaths reported, it was the deadliest tornado outbreak in the U.S. since the April 2014 tornado outbreak. Regaining EF2 strength, the tornado crossed Interstate 20 at US 165, heavily damaging a metal building and snapping several power poles along LA 594. It quickly became strong as it moved northeast, crossed Old Orangeburg Road, and impacted Federal Correctional Institution, Estill, which was significantly damaged. Sources: Wikimedia project contributors. Here, a well-built two story home was leveled with only a pile of debris remaining, and some of its debris scattered into the yard. Cold or Flu? As of the 2010 census, the population was 39,309. Sixteen tornadoes, most of them weaker tornadoes, were spawned in North Carolina on April 13.

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