clean up korean movie asianwiki
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clean up korean movie asianwiki

clean up korean movie asianwiki

4 exciting main casts! All it accomplished was me feeling bad for the CEO and disliking everyone else. Diana Hunter Dec 30 2018 12:35 am

:(. Nomnom Sep 24 2020 9:03 am We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. i hope Ahn Hyo Seop is the main lead because Song Jae Rim is too old for her and kim yoojung deserve better then them. Susoke101 Feb 26 2018 5:30 pm W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); I watch his video in Got7 and he looks like the type who likes to be clean and neat. They look good together! I love them both oh my goodness! While the film has an interesting premise, it doesn't expand on it sufficiently and it makes this film feel bland. It started out as a comedy, also for some funny verses, then it took a kissings path to the limit of the rated forbidden, in which the female main really showed her young age and was lifted by a giant of two meters and with almost twice the age. Everything about this drama was amazing; cast, ost and most parts of the plot. Ohyes Dec 22 2018 5:38 pm anticipate the greatness yall, Fated To love Suzy Mar 31 2020 10:31 am Eps 11 & 12 were postponed because of New Years and now they're postponed again because of a soccer match.......? & Thurs. I hope it does so they can think twice about such stupid old to young pairings!!! There will be plenty of cute actors that will work with her . The first episode so haertbreaking. Unpopular Opinion Oct 17 2020 6:52 pm Am i the only one that thinks that suzy should end up with sun Ho?!? I hope it will have many episodes and not just 16 or less. @eris yes, he will be the second lead but I think will be like the main male lead he will have a lot of screen time too. Great actors! and sungul's grandpa please go to hell - _-, tetchan Jan 13 2019 10:57 pm Script has been written perfectly showing each (4 of them) as a lead role on this drama Nam joo he is the best others are also perfectly playing there roles Nam do San dashing full entry on epi 3 can't wait for upcoming epi love from Nepal ❤️, Mildred Oct 19 2020 8:59 am

I catch those meaning from drama . They are willing to wait for her because they have patients. their romance part just doesn't make me fall inlove with them like the couples from drama such as are you human too, im not a robot, weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, strong woman do bong soon etc. I liked this drama very much!!! There was a Q&A with the director on skype after the screening I was at and that was cool and everything but the questions the people in the theatre asked were so. he deserves to be in a drama as main role. Hope all the best for this drama. When Ahn Hyo Seop announced that he is the leading man, I am quite satisfied because Yoojung and Hyoseop's age range is not that far, it will be comfortable to imagine them on screen together, visually they are compatible with their webcomic characters & the height difference will be so cute. First, I really can't concur she pairing with YGS because he's big size and older. Good luck for the cast, ganda Jan 25 2018 10:43 am İm İnternation Fan From İran ??

i read the webtoon but it was really different with the drama... both were good but i prefer the drama more....

The important is the chemistry! I really hope second lead gets the girl, Endsars Oct 25 2020 2:41 pm

by the cinematography using a muted palette of neutral colors. they put the conflicts and comedies perfectly. Also can I say Suzy's acting gets better every drama. Raon ah meet the rebel star wow!! The director's daughter is having a hard time preparing for a job.…, Same-sex couple Eun Soo and Ye Won are living together happily. Awww... Its hongbin and namjoohyuk love child. This show started off strong and gets better and better with each episode. I dont understand why gil o sol family put all the blame on CEO wasnt his fault at all..he is just innocent grandson..The storyline of this drama kinda lose its the beginning it was abt the CEO misfobia and at last few episodes we didnt even know how he got cured...quite dissapointed with the ending, Fan 95 Feb 05 2019 7:52 am But tbh, i really hate the D.O.P and the video editors! Vic Jan 01 2019 3:34 pm Jipyeong has indirectly become a mentor for both dalmi and dosan (he has done a lot for both of them in love and life) and i just hope writernim do justice to him as well.. Asha Oct 25 2020 6:50 pm Movie still from South Korean film Clean Up. I’m sure it’s gonna be hit. There was a lot of people who criticized Saeron & Sohyun being paired up with guys 10+ years older than them. Omg, I can't believe because my favorite actor nam joo hyuk, and favorite actress Suzy, I wish it would be release this month only, please release fast! I like this drama so much, very funny in other way and it make me relax are a great artists KYJ :). From Banglore Aug 20 2020 6:47 am Seeing him, Jeong-ju is reminded of the events from twelve years ago, bringing back her forgotten guilt. The chemistry is going to be great!!!!! ?? Jan 30 2019 8:16 pm Christine Cline Oct 20 2020 3:50 pm Looking forward for this drama, yulkyunG Jan 06 2019 12:55 am

I think yoon gyun-sang is too old for yoo jung.

Yup jipyeong is started from the bottom, but when the adult jipyeong showed up he already had a company (he didnt need dalmi for it). Interview with Rezwan Shahriar Sumit: I have some incredible true stories to share with the world. I'm so glad that we received good news that kim yoo jung's condition is getting better & recovering well and they might start filming this August so it might air around October or November? Cant wait to see the ending. He knew seol dami or at least he met her once but didn't develop any likeness or interest for her, dal mi is only in love with the person who wrote those letters because she thought they were genuine.
Yes, its more like Ji Pyeong and Dal-Mi, whenever dal-mi is with nam do san scenes it feels like normal or no chemistry, we can't feel any chemistry.. i hope that Ji Pyeong will confess to Dal-Mi, its more interesting than the boring character of Nam-dosan.. Ji Pyeong fighting!! nahhh, jv Jan 08 2019 1:44 pm i think im already got 2nd lead syndrom u,u. I love Yoon kyun sang. really loving it. to JTBC and for the staff of the CWPFN,I am trully grateful to your response, and your concern, patience to wait for our beloved yoojung,thank you for the consideration...and I wish this drama will be a Big Hit.Its worth the Wait. Due to her uncle’s arrangement, she lives in a high-rise apartment building in the city.

The important thing is for them to work comfortably and do well with their acting and chemistry. Kyun sang ♡♡♡, Gonna watch for him, I don't have time for this, but I'm gonna watch it to see him again ♡. And it doesn’t help that his younger version was played by Nam Da Reum!!! Jovien May 29 2018 5:37 pm I am sure my time on it, is not going to b waste. Clean with Passion for Now (Korean: 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라!! I say wow. Min-gu is an ex-convict, just out of prison, shabby and shy, all his belongings fit in a couple of plastic bags. Trailer already radiates "inspiration" theme and I love it.

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