baltimore blizzard 1966
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baltimore blizzard 1966

baltimore blizzard 1966

Snowfall totals were even more extreme on the southeast side of Lake Ontario. Many schools closed for a full week. The city’s fleet of transit buses were soon knocked out of service and were not running as scheduled for six days. It is a perfect example of why there was a need for an index, like the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale we wrote about in yesterday's story, to measure the real impact of these storms. The Blizzard of '66 was a ferocious storm, as the following account by the National Weather Service attests. While Charm City sees snow every year, the blizzard of 1996 left people stranded for days, some even up to a week.

"Hagerstown reported 15 inches of snow on top of 12 inches already on the ground and some drifts as high as 20 feet. This resulted in heavy snow, and with low pressure parked over northern New England, strong winds whipped the snow into high drifts. Hogan’s latest moves foreshadow a 2024 campaign for president? Much of Rome was shut down with over 40 inches of snow and high drifts. Photos from the Blizzard of 1966 at the bottom of this post…. One to two feet of snow covered a large part of Virginia and Maryland. The Blizzard of ’66 is still talked about and written about to this day. Much like December 2015, it was a warm and green Christmas for residents of upstate New York in 1965, with highs in the mid ’60s. Review our. Baltimore recorded over 21 inches for the month. It began following morning lows of subzero in some portions of the state. The National Guard brought supplies to snowbound families. For countless Baltimoreans, it’s the blizzard of 1996. A number of babies were born outside of hospitals in the area. Wind gusts of 60 to 80 mph were reported along Lake Ontario. To read more about Baltimore's biggest snowfalls, click here. What was the most epic blizzard in history that you remember? They still talk about it. The sudden frigid temperatures have many people thinking about snow. Films of that period – “The Sound of Music” (at The New in downtown Baltimore)  and the “Heroes of Tellemark” in Edmondson Village  – had no audiences.

The blizzard of Jan. 30, 1966, is often overlooked in Baltimore’s weather history. [Most read] Ravens’ John Harbaugh weighs in on Dez Bryant situation; two veterans could return vs. Steelers, 'We want some standardization’: Teachers union asks Maryland for more information on coronavirus cases, First day: Anne Arundel County shatters single-day early voting record by 6,000. Just northwest of Rome, Camden, N.Y., ended up with over 50 inches. The snow began falling that Sunday morning and piled up quickly on a pre-existing base of about 5 inches from a storm a few days before. I remember having fun in the snow but also making a few dollars with a snow shovel. Getting to work became an impossibility. From a meteorological standpoint, the storm began as a nor’easter that churned up the East Coast and deposited a foot or more of snow from the mid-Atlantic to New England. In Syracuse, the city came to a halt after 42 inches of snow fell and winds gusted to 58 mph. I remember we were out of school the whole week,and there were drifts well over 4-5 feet..I would have thought we had gotten between 15 and 20 or more inches then.. Can you elaborate as to where that storm fits in?


Snowfall totals were eye-popping, ranging from 2 to 8 ½ feet of snow. Brutal, to be sure, but not spectacularly bad. ".

With two feet or more of snow predicted, this weekend’s blizzard will likely rank Baltimore’s biggest winter storms.

Snow to your hips; blinding whiteouts; roads clogged for a week. The blizzard of Jan. 30, 1966, is often overlooked in Baltimore’s weather history. The Baltimore Sun carried a photograph of a tug boat and barge stranded off Turkey Point. He was the first true meteorologist on air in our area. Drifts were up to 10 feet deep in some areas. Meredith held the job for many more years and became a TV icon in central New York.

A Massive Blizzard Blanketed Baltimore In Snow In 1996 And It Will Never Be Forgotten. How to decipher the status of your Maryland vote-by-mail ballot. Mine may be the Blizzard of 1947, which until Sunday was the record snowstorm for New York City. Bales of hay were airlifted to the ponies on Assateague Island. Accumulations exceeding 30 inches extended west from Rochester to Buffalo. Gusts of 50 to 60 mph caused white-out conditions over portions of western Maryland and into the Baltimore and Washington areas. Do Maryland Gov. In fact, the bigger concern was the distressingly frigid temperatures. Accepted? It began following morning lows of subzero in some portions of the state. The first two had little effect on New York, but the third became legendary. First day of early voting in Maryland breaks record: Enthusiasm, determination drive voters to the polls, Ravens’ John Harbaugh weighs in on Dez Bryant situation; two veterans could return vs. Steelers, Under Armour faces new allegations of fraudulent accounting in amended shareholder lawsuit, Drunken driver who struck, killed Columbia man on I-95 sentenced to 24 months for manslaughter, Rey Rivera’s friend, former Baltimore employer pushes back on Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries', A guide to Baltimore ballot questions and other referendums for Maryland voters. Schools were closed for an entire week — extremely rare for upstate New York. Washington had 14 inches (added to a previous snow, the depth on the ground came to 20 inches). Large sections of the Chesapeake Bay froze. … Then the weather pattern changed in January, and the temperature plummeted. When this occurs, storms slow down and become stationary but continue to produce incredible amounts of snowfall. For Sun reader "Walter," it was the Blizzard of 1966.

Over 120 people and a Siamese cat were welcomed into the War Memorial arena to take shelter. "January 30-31, 1966: A blizzard struck Maryland and the Northeast US. Both Syracuse and Rome, N.Y., received over 40 inches. For my kids, it's probably the 22.8-inch storm that struck Baltimore on Feb. 11-12, 1983 - precisely 23 years before this past weekend's snow. A Maryland toddler with a rare skin disorder regularly faces ‘traumatic stress.’ But she has devoted advocates: her parents. This week's storm, at 13.1 inches, is No. Temperatures remained in the single digits as the wind and snow increased. It began to snow late on Jan. 30 in Rome, and snow continued to fall through the next day. The Blizzard of 1966 brought 13.8 inches of snow to Washington, but it was across much of central and western New York where weather history was made 50 years ago this weekend. But the storm itself dropped only 12 inches of new snow on the official weather station at BWI. The so-called “Knickerbocker” storm of 1922 dropped 26.5 inches of snow in Baltimore and killed 98 people when it collapsed the roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre in Washington, D.C. "Baltimore had 12 inches, Conowingo Dam had 11 inches and Bel Air had 17 inches. The National Weather Service predicted 6 inches of snow in Baltimore, up to 8 inches south and west of the Beltway. Several small business owners, like Corgy’s Grocery in my neighborhood, actually opened their doors and we were able to trudge through waist-deep snow to purchase necessities. In 1966, as is the custom in Baltimore when snow is predicted, panic set in.

And it came at the end of a very snowy month, which added to its impact. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. Racing at Bowie shut down for days. 13.

Retro Baltimore is a blog for The Baltimore Sun that steps back in time in Baltimore and beyond. Twitter | Instagram, (William L. Klender, Baltimore Sun photo). Have a question about our comment policies? The 2013 Obama-Ginsburg lunch that could have altered Supreme Court history — but didn’t, 52-year-old Fallston man arrested at Harford County voting center after refusing to follow election requirements, Five Things We Learned from the opening stretch of the Ravens’ 2020 season, Mount Airy man charged in murder of father-in-law, business partner in Eldersburg, Baltimore expected to OK nearly $1M in workers' compensation to Suiter family, $250,000 in GTTF settlements, Maryland State Board of Education votes to move high school sports start date to December. The snow began falling that Sunday morning and piled up quickly on a pre-existing base of about 5 inches from a storm a few days before. I guess everybody has a recollection in their head about a snowstorm that struck when they were young that just had to be about the worst ever.

By the end of February, operators at the city’s complaint department had taken more than 34,000 calls, most of them about snow removal. The first two had little effect on New York, but the third became legendary. By the time the storm ended it had crippled central and western New York.

They were 8 and 5 then, and when we tried to walk three blocks to the 7-Eleven for milk, they bogged down in the drifts on our unplowed street. In the upper atmosphere, low pressure closed off around the Great Lakes. Up until that time, most local TV stations around the nation employed non-meteorologists to cover the weather. The Blizzard of 1966 brought 13.8 inches of snow to Washington, but it was across much of … He wrote us yesterday to ask why his storm wasn't on the list of the top 10 biggest snowfalls on Baltimore's record books: "Re: top 10 snowstorms for Baltimore...Wasn't the "blizzard of 66" also one of the top storms? Some streets couldn’t be plowed right away because cars were stuck in the middle. Easton recorded 25 inches on the ground by February 2 and a January monthly snowfall total of almost 27 inches. Intense blowing and drifting snow continued and kept roads closed for several more days crippling transportation lines and causing a food shortage and rationing. It now ranks No. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Share your feedback by emailing the author.

They are very complex, dropping dramatically greater snows in very localized areas, while letting other locations - including official weather stations - off relatively easy. “Snowflakes were one-half to three-quarters of an inch in size,” Sykes described, “It was like taking a pillow and dumping the feathers over the area for hours.” Several years later, when I attended SUNY Oswego, I heard that some residents jumped out of our third-story dormitory windows into the snow. Atlantic moisture continued to stream into much of Upstate New York for an extended period. Thanks! The NESIS system, while it may not account for high winds and low temperatures, at least it provides a way to capture the extent of deep snows across a broad region, and its population, and to objectively compare that from storm to storm. Received? Department stores closed for days. Here's how the NWS recalls the 1966 blizzard: "January 30-31, 1966: A blizzard struck Maryland and the Northeast US. I don't remember it myself. Many schools closed for a full week. During this storm, the ABC affiliate in Syracuse (WNYS) brought in a retired Air Force meteorologist named Horace “Stormy” Meredith to provide weather updates and insight on the changing situation. There are a number of events across the affected area this week to commemorate the greatest snowstorm on record.

My obsession with weather was greatly enhanced by this legendary storm and that obsession continues to this day. The way that the media communicated weather information was about to change. As a 13-year-old living in Rome, N.Y., I experienced this storm firsthand.

The Atlantic moisture was greatly enhanced by moisture from Lake Ontario. Meredith did such a great job on the air that the station hired him full time.

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