analytical food testing laboratory
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analytical food testing laboratory

analytical food testing laboratory

Utilizing a lab like Log10 allows companies to be virtually unimpeded by events that could disrupt seamless production such as notifications of microbial contamination.

In addition to companies choosing to screen food products and environments for dangerous pathogens, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all packaged food products for retail consumption are appropriately labeled with nutritional information such as the amounts of fats, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in that product.

Log10® is changing the dynamics in traditional food safety. In 2013, Dr. Siobhan Reilly founded Log10 with the goal of applying her vast knowledge of food microbiology and probiotics to helping create safer food products. Our portfolio covers the requirements for testing of food and feed, nutritional supplements and even pharmaceutical products.. Europe is covered by a network of laboratories. "address": { Chemical analysis determines the chemical composition of food products including pH, percent (%) moisture, water activity, fat and protein content, etc. To make sure that companies are able to meet food quality and safety standards, Log10 offers many analytical services.

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Akshar Analytical Laboratory & Research Center - Chemical Testing Services, Food Testing Services & Soap Testing Services Service Provider from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Please call us for further information.

The company has invested heavily to make sure that our laboratories are second to none, with state of the art instrumentation. "postalCode": "74601", as needed. Exceeding client’s expectation is a core value at ALS.

CHEMICAL HAZARDS - Food testing laboratories can detect common chemical properties of food such as pH, percent (%) moisture and water activity. In addition to the nutritional analysis of food, often other properties are tested to ensure a quality food product will be experienced by the consumer. Health Canada MFLP-28 KIT2017 (Kit #D11000157), Ready-to-eat meat and poultry, eggs and derivatives: Heat processed, dried; fish and seafood products: heat processed, frozen, smoked, other; dairy products; chocolate/bakery products: bakery products; miscellaneous: shelf-stable acid food, spices; multi-ingredient composite foods & other foods & environmentals, Raw Meat and Poultry Products, Fish and Seafood Products: Raw Fish and Crustaceans, Molluscan Shellfish, Fruits and Vegetables, Eggs and Derivatives: Unprocessed, Chocolate/Bakery Products: Low Moisture, Dry (powder), Miscellaneous: Cereals/rice, Animal Feeds, Other, Spinach, shrimp, smoked salmon & queso fresco, Frankfurters, chipped ham, cooked chicken, raw ground chicken, soy protein powder, liquid egg, cream cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, black pepper, custard, liquid milk, chilled ready meal, cooked fish, seafood‐prawns, elbow macaroni, pizza dough, frozen peas, orange juice, dry pet food, Ground beef, raw meats (including seasoned & frozen), spinach & lettuce, Hot dogs and frankfurters, beef/raw ground beef, chicken/raw ground chicken, fish/raw frozen tilapia fish, fruit juices/orange juice, cheese/mozzarella cheese, Non-frozen dairy products, chocolate/bakery products, fruit and vegetable-based products, raw poultry products, raw & heat-processed fish & seafood, Environmental swabs, dry pet food, milk chocolate, cocoa, shell eggs, ground turkey & chicken, beef trim, ground beef, ground beef soy, chicken carcass rinse, dried raisins, peanut butter, whole black pepper, frozen peas, cream cheese, lettuce, milk-based infant formula, nonfat dry milk, cocoa & dried parsley, Dried whole egg, Whole liquid egg (pasteurized), Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) w/ Chloramphenicol Plates, Rodac Contact Plate – Standard Plate Count Agar, Rodac Contact Plate – Potato Dextrose w/ Chloramphenicol Agar. Have questions or want more information on our food testing labs? Analytical Feed and Food Laboratory

As a resulting trend, many pet owners are purchasing higher-quality foods for their pets. Microbial testing investigates microorganisms that could be contaminating food products or processing equipment or environments.

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The technology of our proven and proprietary probiotic blends makes it possible to prevent, reduce, or eliminate common pathogens in food, feed, and environments.

Most current food manufacturers leverage internal quality management systems to ensure quality products reach the consumer. The use of a swabbing regime in food production areas will provide assurances that the environment does not contain organisms which may contaminate the food or drink product. ANALYTICAL TESTING SERVICES: In addition to companies choosing to screen food products and environments for dangerous pathogens, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all packaged food products for retail consumption are appropriately labeled with nutritional information such as the amounts of fats, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in that product.
580-304-7953 Whether you are developing a new product or improving on a current one, let Log10® develop a sensory evaluation that meets your company’s requirements.

Ph: +420 226 226 998
"description": "If your company is involved in any phase of the food industry — whether that’s human or animal food processing, farming, storage or distribution — you need the services of Log10 to help your company identify and eliminate any potential of pathogenic contamination that can occur in food, animal feed, or environments where food is grown or processed.

Pet food companies looking to remain competitive find it important to provided quality information on the food label. Our team of skilled professionals provide both technical expertise and individualized client-oriented services to help detect, eliminate and prevent pathogens from food, feed and environments.

"name": "Analytical Lab Testing for Food Products",

Because so many of the tests and types of equipment used in analytical laboratories are highly complex and specific, the field can seem impossible to understand, however, the science behind all of its applications is proven.

PHYSICAL HAZARDS - Unwanted physical objects that can result in consumer injury, such as shards of plastics, glass, metals, or wood that can enter food products during processing, packaging and distribution are referred to as physical hazards. "url": "", Associate Member, The Role of Food Testing Laboratories in the Food Industry, Analytical Laboratory Testing for Pet Food, Log10 — The Food Industry’s Preferred Food Testing Lab In Oklahoma. "description": "Analytical testing at Log10 includes microbial analysis and food chemistry testing, serving an integral role in the ongoing success of many food companies including farms and food manufacturers to processors and distributors. Additional S&H Charges will be applied.

"additionalType": "", Customized evaluations, with trained panelists, can be established and include as many attributes (taste, odor, appearance, texture, etc.) From accurately identifying microbes in a food product to chemical analysis and labeling regulations, it is imperative that food test laboratories utilize both the highest-quality technical talent and accredited testing methods. We regularly screen for some of the most hazardous foodborne pathogens, including but not limited to E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Clostridium.

For analytical testing price tables, see below. "@id": "" We have many years experience in the food, cosmetic, and dietary supplement industries focusing on QA/QC, and Research and Development. The company's aim was and is to offer expert microbiological and chemistry testing to the food and beverage industry. Please use the following form to contact us for further information, a member of the administration team will then be in touch within 48 hrs of receipt.

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