acquisitions incorporated
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acquisitions incorporated

acquisitions incorporated

As the games went on and the players got more familiar with the characters and continued to develop on them, further information about their previous lives gradually came to light. The organization consisted of several groups of adventurers for hire that acted more or less independently under the company's charter.3 1 Organization 2 Base of Operations 3 Relationships 4 History 5 Appendix 5.1 Appearances 5.2 External Links 5.3 References The company operated by providing a network of … Alias(es)

Becomes this for Acquisitions Incorporated, controlling the airship while the players are disembarked and using telepathy spells to share information with them. In the same episode, he reveals himself to actually be a silver dragon in humanoid guise and later teams up with the party again in the season 10 finale to storm Stratovar's flying castle. Jim is a narcissistic human wizard of the New Hampshire Darkmagics. In season 9, he dressed as "Portabello da Vinci", the.

Temporarily had his soul put into a gem in the first part of season 10. his defection to Dran Enterprises, who don't get stat blocks in the book, becomes the first person ever to make it out of the internship, Reversed on him in season 9 finale, when another rogue manages to hug and pickpocket, Having apparently gotten over his drinking song problem, Viari comes back with a. In season 10, he went as a cloud giant high priest, reminiscent of the season's villain, Stratovar. [2], The company was founded by the cleric Omin Dran as part of his efforts to find his sister Auspicia, who had gone missing after an incident in a ruin near Red Larch. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Note: both currencies are aquired from the campaign's questline, or from special promotion and packs. Omin's introduction from the Acquisitions Incorporated website: K'thriss Drow'b (pronounced "Kuh-thriss") is AcqInc newest hire, officially debuting with the main party in season 11, after unsuccessfully vying for internship since at least season 7 and narrating many of the Previously On… intros in the meantime. [1] Over time, the company expanded its activities and became a large for-profit adventuring outfit, including chapters throughout the Sword Coast and on the world of Ravnica.[3]. Leader(s) (As Donaar tells her, "There's this thing called the food chain. [5], Acquisitions Incorporated had a number of rival adventuring companies that pursued the same mercenary business model. Relationships[2] High quality Acquisitions Incorporated gifts and merchandise. Neither is the clone, as when the real Jim is saved, Omin dismisses the clone as a no-longer-necessary fake and has him damned to Hell. After that, Binwin drifted around from tavern to tavern before he was eventually found and recruited by Omin. In spite of his talents as a wizard, Jim primarily sees himself as an entertainer, donning the mannerisms and behaviors of a stage magician. Drizzt Do'Urden (yes, THAT Drizzt) is a dark elf ranger that just so happens to have not one magic scimitar, but two. ", seem largely indifferent to each other at the best of times, and the rest of the time seem to barely tolerate each other, much to the dismay of the rest of the party, "Wh-Why is the old halfling making diddle fingers?! Despite much speculation concerning Wil's possible return, it is clear after so many years that it will likely never happen (especially since Aeofel had returned in The Series as an antagonistic NPC). Although in the Holiday Special, it is revealed that his parents actually still very much alive—but so, he appears to have been finally promoted to full employee after heroically saving Omin from falling into a lake of lava. Her age is lowered by fifty years in the Chult adventure in Season 12, and does not go back up. While not an actual intern (as he's keen to point out), he joins Acquisitions Incorporated for two short adventures in Season 10 after they helped save him at the end of Season 9. This is also the first and only campaign to involve a lot of humor, to be made with the help of another company, in this case Penny Arcade, and to not include it's own Adventure Zone. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. [4], As a widespread company with many chapters, Acq Inc held bases in several locations. Another of Rosie's many, many children, first appearing during the "C" Team's excursion to the Dragon's Hoard river-going casino. See Characters.Dice Camera Action for tropes associated with her. That being said, should an employee meet their end in the service of Acquisitions Incorporated, we do reserve the right to … Acq Inc From season 8 inwards, he serves as a Masked Lord of Waterdeep. The fast-talking founder and CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated. Viari's parents make it perfectly clear in the Holiday Special that they consider him good-for-nothing compared to his awesome older brother who has a farm of his own and five (and counting) children. See Characters.Dice Camera Action for tropes associated with her. The organization consisted of several groups of adventurers for hire that acted more or less independently under the company's charter.

[3], The company operated by providing a network of support infrastructure for adventuring groups, which were referred to as franchises. In Jeremy's first PAX West game in Season 12, he dressed up as "the real" Jim Darkmagic (Jim's bitter clone, who the party runs into later in the game). This scroll has it all, going back to the first time they undertook a morally ambiguous course purely for mercenary gain. ", "...for every time this fucker threw a fireball at me!". It focuses on the adventuring company Acquisitions Incorporated. The following quote, dropped while firing an employee in season 10, perhaps illustrates his attitude best: Becomes particularly apparent in season 11, when he uses an infernal. Môrgæn (pronounced like "Morgane") is an Elven ranger who joined the party as an intern in season 8 and returns in seasons 11 and 12. "), Even other parties aren't free from her shipping: seeing Strix and Diath of. Tropes pertaining to the group as a whole and to the founding members in particular include: "This is the worst thing that has ever happened. The fact that he even appears in season 8 is a massive spoiler. Tropes pertaining to the "C" Team as a whole: Rosie Beestinger has an astounding number of children, who form a distinct subset of the "C" Team's, "Why don't you guys try being adventurers? In season 11, though, it comes to bite him in the ass, however, as an otherworldly entity named Soulmonger starts feeding on the life force of individuals who had been raised from the dead before, which covers their (and Jim's) bodies with patches of necrotic flesh, as well as giving them, kisses a girl he just met, who turns out to be a succubus, As a ploy to slip the clone a dangerous magical item.

TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Most notable among those were Dran Enterprises, led by an impersonator of Omin Dran's sister Auspicia, and the Six, a company that consisted of individuals who had been wronged as a result of Acquisitions Incorporated's activities. A consummate businessman whose duty is to his shareholders first (of which he is the only shareholder), his goddess second and his employees/friends a distant seventh. Couldn't it have been. Revealed the next episode to be Brahma in magical disguise. Not a lot detail was initially revealed about the members' background. Viari is a charismatic swashbuckler described as "both red-headed and red-blooded". "If I wanted to kill, I would have killed. Downplayed in the Holiday Special, where he simply wore Santa's hat for the entire duration. Enemies

As he had never held his family in high regard, he left it behind to travel the world, despite his status as the oldest son and heir. Base ofoperations Kiupid (pronounced as either "Cupid" or "Kee-oo-pid") is Donaar's great-great-great-great-great-... granddaughter from the Shadowrealm who catches up with him and the rest of the party in Waterdeep after a long search. As the prodigious son of a well-renowned family of wizards, Jim exhibited both a talent for magic and immensely self-centered behavior early on. Acquisitions Incorporated Neverwinter Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. A member of the Waffle Crew from Chris' other campaign, Dice, Camera, Action!, who is summoned by Omin (with the power of money) to serve Acquisitions Inc. as an intern for two episodes in season 11 and three in season 12. Welcome to the Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Store! If you have any questions, please fill out a form 392-b and submit it to the department of questions ( Wil is upset enough to approach Chris, prop weapon drawn. One of the cultists fighting Acquisitions Inc. in season 8 is revealed to be Omin's long-lost older sister. In exchange, the organization's Head Office held the right to commission its franchises to engage in priority missions. Grandmother Night, and we also get to see a much more vicious and brutal side of her. Gives a long overdue one to Viari at the end of the ISTAR Facility module, though it, bring the Shadow King back to the Shadowrealm after he had escaped it with the "C" Team's help in "The House Wins". Jim Darkmagic is seven feet tall with a shock of red hair and eyes that blaze like the sun! Afterwards, he becomes the Hoard Person of The "C" Team, a spinoff beginning March 2017. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Jim currently holds the record for most deaths among the party: he has been killed three times, by a succubus in season 7, and by the dragon cultists in season 8, and by an old classmate with a grudge in season 10. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the party later encounters a young red (read: evil) dragon, Donaar is absolutely. The next episode, however (where Kiwi was controlled by Jerry and the Shadow Council), revealed that his brother is still very much alive. Omin is a half-elf cleric of Avandra and, after a forced relocation to the Forgotten Realms, of Tymora.A consummate businessman whose duty is to his shareholders first (of which he is the only shareholder), his goddess second and his employees/friends a distant seventh. At the end of season 11, Viari becomes the first person ever to make it out of the internship and sub-employee status into full employment. In season 8, he dressed up as a king, crown and all, for part 1 (even though the players were not costumed), and as the Cult of the Dragon high priest for part 2. In season 4, Aeofel, both in and out of character, has some post-traumatic stress to deal with from the last adventure.

When Pat Rothfuss comes back in season 8, this is literally the very first thing he says. Tropes pertaining to all interns thus far: "Why did it have to be acid pits?!

Acquisitions Incorporated; The “C” Team; Gift Shop; Portfolio.

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