9 movie ending explained
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9 movie ending explained

9 movie ending explained

Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links. After Christopher and Wikus discover the government's horrible experiments on the aliens, Christopher changes his plan and tells Wikus he actually needs to head home before healing Wikus. This is why MNU captures and experiments on aliens. At its basic core, 2001 is a film about mankind's evolution, examining the primitive beginnings of the apes billions of years ago all the way through a technologically advanced future where space travel is possible. Is there a standard procedure for reversing that almost certainly never-having-occurred-before situation? Instead, the yuppies are so self-centered that even when a serial killer admits his murders to someone, they brush if off because it does not directly affect them.

He immediately knows the fluid would do that and seems very confident the medical machines on the mothership could heal Wikus. He's certainly more Prawn than human, but he's still a bit human nonetheless.

Interestingly, it also appears alien fuel plays some role in healing humans, because Christopher says he needs all the available fuel to travel quickly, which is why it'll take awhile to heal Wikus. Although the relocation effort is performed under the guise of humanitarian aid, the primary reason Multi-National United wants to evict the aliens is so they can sweep for weapons. By the time we settled our butts into those cushy theater chairs, the only thing we knew for sure was District 9 would include aliens and South African accents. The surreal last sequence of Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi epic has puzzled even the director's most passionate fans for decades. Design and text © 1996 - 2020 Jon Sandys. Here are some key details you might have missed about the A24 horror movie. The final image of Darren Aronofsky's sports drama is main character Randy Robinson (Mickey Rourke) jumping off the ropes in the ring before the credits begin to role. It made him kill his wife and baby at the end of the first day. He always needs a John G., so he made Teddy his next would-be victim. One of the talking heads during the documentary segment explains how possibly due to disease or malnutrition or something else, the aliens have lost all sense of direction. The scene also speaks to a deeper issue present in the film. The experiments will become worse, and MNU will probably at some point figure out a way to fire those alien weapons. Continuity mistake: Gordon mentions that his wife accidentally spilled hot water on his leg and burnt it, but the actor only occasionally limps on it, although we are shown that he has an injured leg. Birdman has several instances where Riggan floats or flies around, but there tends to be a real-world version taking place (see: the angry cab driver), so even if Riggan is "flying," it's probably because he killed himself jumping out the window and is now going to the afterlife. This Best Picture winner left a lot of people confused by the way it ended. I focus on the sixth Stitchpunk, Number 6, and discover why he has the intellect he does. Allow us to break it down. The film ends with Ed saying "And then I woke up" before fading to black. He was incarcerated after he murdered his manic depressive wife for drowning their children. His ultimate fate is left up to the interpretation of the viewer, but there are hints that he dies during this match. One of the most common theories is that Riggan tried to kill himself again in the hospital, and Sam is either looking at the meteor shower that was featured in Birdman's beginning or the free "spirit" of her deceased father floating up to be at peace. But Randy has damaged all the personal relationships in his life, most notably with his estranged daughter Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood) and feels as if he has nothing to live for. Is there more alien technology containing the fluid out there amongst the trash heaps? All rights reserved. The movie was one of the first mainstream films shot primarily on digital video. When District 9 arrived in theaters, audiences had no idea what to expect. Recently retied sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) tells his wife about a dream involving his later father, in which he rides past Bell to go light a fire somewhere. One of the largest unanswered questions in District 9 is why in the world alien fuel turns humans into Prawns. Wikus appears to be virtually the only human who understands or respects the Prawns. The anger presented in those people fit District 9's scene perfectly. Usually when a film concludes, audiences are treated to multiple powerful, soft-light shots of the hero kissing his love interest or hugging his relatives. The camcorders used were among the first to offer the cinema standard 24 frames-per-second as an option (as compared to the home-video standard of 30fps) which helped make the image look closer to cinema-quality. As Christopher and his son fly away in their sweet mothership, several Johannesburgers (that's seriously what they're called) step outside to angrily wave the ship away as if to say, "Good riddance."

Speaking of alien-on-human clashes, how excited do we think alien high command will be about Christopher's story? To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please. to get rid of bad guys and make some money on the side. Under the guise of humanitarian aid, the government moves the aliens to a new location outside the city limits — District 10. So despite the doctor's orders, Randy returns to the sport one final time to do something he's great at. After all, how many times have humans sprayed alien fuel in their face and slowly, painfully turned into Prawns?

in regards to Randy's ultimate demise. Nobody on either the Prawn nor the human side appears happy with the aliens' presence on Earth. The theory states that Quaid's brain had a violent reaction to the Rekall implant, and he incorporated real things from his life (his wife, Harry from work) into the dream (which is something normal people do on a daily basis). In fact, given how much of the story revolves around Wikus van de Merwe slowly succumbing to a disease — and pulling out his freaking teeth — if you're not paying close attention you may wonder, "Is Wikus even alive?

The ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is unexpected, a little confusing, and very, very meta. If we're lucky, they'll even fist-pump the air in freeze frame. Considering their guns explode enemies into tiny pieces of meat, it's hard to imagine they used laser cannons only for hunting excursions with the boys. There are subtle clues scattered throughout Inception that make the picture clearer, but this is another instance where moviegoers were paying attention to the wrong aspect. Everything in the film has been leading up to this moment, and if the audience doesn't get a satisfying payoff, the movie could be doomed. Aronofksy himself agrees with this interpretation, saying "if not now, when?" But that doesn't mean the actual operation was a failure. The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory, 7 mistakes in Beetlejuice you never spotted.
Chris' favorite film genres include sci-fi/fantasy, crime, action, and drama. Kubrick himself provided an explanation. Earlier in the film, Christopher convinces Wikus to help him by assuring him he can reverse Wikus' spreading disease. Starring: David Caruso, Josh Lucas, Paul Guilfoyle, Stephen Gevedon. So you can be excused for being utterly shocked by the whirlwind sci-fi adventure that unfolded through the film's two-hour runtime. If so, it's not crazy to believe Wikus could become the face of a rebellion in a future film — even before Christopher and the aliens return. All rights reserved. Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) discovers a brutal truth while investigating the Ashecliffe Institute, learning that his real name is Andrew Laeddis and he's actually a patient at the hospital for the criminally insane. Astronaut Bowman (Keir Dullea) transports across the vast distances of space before ending up in a bedroom and speedily grows in age to become an old man. Sometimes a movie's shocking twist, ambiguous ending, or artsy finale can be more confusing than satisfying. It was big in the '80s. It then makes him slaughter his entire team prior this he dispatches the last worker who shows up as a replacement for one of his unknowingly earlier victims, before "Simon" deserts him. Andrew appears to have accepted the treatment, but shows signs of regression when he calls Sheehan "Chuck" during a conversation later on and implores that they need to get off the island. When the Prawns arrived in Johannesburg in 1982, they were desperate and extremely malnourished. But it's not like that trip has gotten any easier. In the end, Christopher — the Prawn Wikus fights alongside throughout the film — ultimately escapes the planet. Bateman's final monologue offers some clues to support this. Telling the story in reverse chronology, viewers discover how Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) became the "John G." that Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) is hunting down. That said, the flower Wikus leaves his wife is as good an indication as any Wikus still clings to an element of his humanity. American Psycho pokes fun at yuppie culture, and is a satire of those obsessed with material possessions and high-ranking status in society.

Sometimes the poverty-stricken aliens are coerced into crimes by gangs or suffer racial violence from their enraged human neighbors.

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