6 figures lyrics meekz
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6 figures lyrics meekz

6 figures lyrics meekz

(Luu Breeze) “They were the guys that were supposed to make it way before me,” he says. Black suit, Men in Black Let them preach, local women got a lot to say Meekz has dropped the visuals for 6 Figures. What's that like, when your house is like a mansion To me that must mean that I’m setting the standard right now, and I wanna keep stepping up the levels.”Big Bag“I recorded this last year at the same time I finished ‘Rap Bands’. I see them niggas getting gassed off a couple grand Like Me Lyrics: New bands / Rap got me feeling like a new man / Same idea, new plan / I got it poppin', I ain't even have to shoot man / They don't do road or do gang / That's why it's peak when Alle Songtexte von Meekz in Songtextemania.com! Put my ex’s on that ecstasy Told TyTy back to business

Ay sit, head bad figure that's a gold digger We filmed it at a famous bar in Manchester where Winston Churchill gave a famous speech [Reform Club]. Get your money right, we begin Stacking for the spinner with a flikky on my lap, But for now I'm putting Whitney in the pan, Getting Mine Show 'em how we live Semi-autos and revolvers 6 Figures Lyrics: 10A / Get your money right, we begin / Who the man tho / Pile up the cash / Then I do that money dance tho, ay / 50k for the beat and the event son / What's that like, when your Do 'em as I aim to bring my nigga back

Around that time I thought my dad was gone forever. I bet I make the semi slap Boom Keep your eyes peeled, though—there might be a B-side to this A-side.”, YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS MUSIC; ℗ 2020 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS MUSIC.

I ain’t with the love I need a half a mil stack Pile up the cash 10A Ohh yes Manchester’s very own Meekz has just released the visuals to his latest offering 6 Figures. Prayer hands I need more I'm talking 6 figures 'member doing push-ups in a dutty pad You yesterday, you not okay, you not okay I got a milli in the plan Pile up the cash Coming into this game, these are the guys that I wanted to fuck with, and somehow, they’re the people that I’ve ended up fucking with. Been a minute since I visited the fam Money make the world go I just hope I go to heaven and see Tekka and Deezy, they’ll be proud to know that I did it.”6 Figures“When this dropped [Christmas Day 2019], it was a moment. All them long days in my cell Then I do that money dance tho, ay Like, when I'm OT darg gotta stay focused I'm going Trevor mad What's that like, when your house is like a mansion Fire make the competition listen 2 album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Came along way from Heath court and all that There was just too much going on.

They been hating praying that a nigga call quits Shout out my haters in Spain and my killers in France !’ on SoundCloud.

My grandad used to play his guitar around me all the time when I was three years old, so that put the music in my veins. Not too long ago I was barely breathing Gave a fraction but the streets had the rest of me/

It’s a big regret that I didn’t start earlier. The success Meekz has gained in 2020 alone proves his seriousness to the music game. Meekz’ career really started to take off in October 2019, he went on to release ‘Rap Aside’ produced by Kwes Darko with over 2.4 million views on YouTube and 1.4 million plays on Spotify. I got women cross the border that don't belong to me Well if I jacked you darg then you won't get it back Blessed with the sign, oh Gucci tracksuit when a n*gga tryna dress down/ Enjoy more than 8 million lyrics

... 6 Figures. No decline Meekz (UK) God's Clever. Stacking for the spinner with a flikky on my lap I have my own relationship with God, the higher power, the spirit, whatever you wanna call it. “I wrote a cheque to myself [in 2018] when I was in jail,” Meekz tells Apple Music. Why you looking at me I get money, I I get money Pile up the cash It had to be big to match the song. 50k for the beat and the event son Put in the bag love Can't you see I've been to hell Bless the set now You acting like you been through this Like, mic I'm a dad

We the mans I also wanted to show the youths in Manny that there’s more to the visuals than getting 20 guys on the side of the road with penknives in their bags and a few rental cars.”Rap Bands“I try and tell people to be smart with their cash, but truthfully I’ve always been a big spender myself. Premiered on P110 on 17 January 2019, this Manchester based Drill rapper has accrued 1.3 million view on Youtube, 484k plays on Soundcloud and 348k plays on Spotify at the time of writing and has earnt his way onto the prestigious “Rap UK” and “Who We Be” Spotify playlists. Cah I'm round fiends with no teeth and bare smokers I was just messing around in the studio at first, to be honest, but everyone told me to record it. Don't call my line if we ain't talking 6

Had me out in rims for all my white, Oh shit Pull funds, pull bands, don't pull triggers Who the man tho Do you really think I can obey what a teacher’s telling me? Project baby, I been flippin in the hallway Lost a couple homies make me want to hit the relf Trap me never that I’m not even joking, the cheque was for £100,000, and I even put down the record label—I went deep.” For the Manchester rapper, his life and extraordinary emergence since incarceration confirm why he felt the power of the universe firmly behind him.

Taking on a smooth beat, Meekz delivers cold bars throughout.

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